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Sharp’s 1.33” (diagonal) Color Memory LCD

Product Summary

Product Summary

Sharp’s 1.33” (diagonal) Color Memory LCD is a high-resolution, 8-color stripe display, delivering smooth graphics and flexibility to showcase today’s rich, custom content. Because of its transmissivity, a backlight may also be added for visibility in ambient lighting conditions.

Application areas of the LS013B7DH06 include wearables, mobile phones, smart utility meters, medical monitoring devices, fish finders and much more.

Key features of the LS013B7DH06:

  • 25 µW Static, 60 µW Dynamic Power Consumption
  • 8.5% Reflectance
  • 2% Transmissivity
  • 3 V serial Interface
  • FPC Connector
  • Operating temp range of -20 to +70°C

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