Intelligent Connectivity

IoT on the Edge

A WPGA eBook

Executive Summary

The world is estimated to have 17.6 billion connected devices (it’s expected to reach 50 billion by 2020), and they are growing nearly five times faster than its entire human population. As the volume of data generated from these gadgets continues to reach new heights, it is forcing enterprises to find strategic ways of dealing with the ginormous amount of data. Why?

The ability to store and draw valuable insights from vast data sets is determining if your business stays open and relevant tomorrow.

With so many ‘things’ getting connected to the Internet on a daily basis, increasing numbers of data generation points, more platforms on which data is processed, and a constant rise in consumption points to which data must be delivered, it’s putting the old approach to centralized collection of data under pressure.

This eBook will introduce you to the concept of edge computing and the key elements required for developing edge module for various solutions, such as smart power grids, smart homes or smart manufacturing units.

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  • Len Wegner Director of Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

    Len Wegner has 30+ years experience in semiconductors and embedded computing, holding multiple sales & marketing positions. Storage, Networking and Embedded Server / Client are among his expertise. Len currently holds the position of Director of Intelligent Connectivity Solutions for WPG Americas.

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