Horticulture Total Solution White Paper

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Executive Summary

The first documented use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for plant growth goes back to 1988 when NASA explored its potential application of LEDs for its project investigating space-based plant growth systems. However, it was not until 2000 that LEDs were fiest commercially used for plant production in Japan. In less than two decades, LED lights targeted at horticultural applications became a burgeoning marketplace worth around $395 million.

As researchers continue to establish new findings around lights of specific wavelengths and their impace on different plants and stages of growth, broad-spectrum sources such as HPS lamps - that were popularly used in greenhouses - are being outperformed by LED grow lights. This white paper explores the current state of the LED grow lights marketplace and provides an overview of some of the most promising new LED products for horticulture brought to the market by three major lighting product designers.


  • Chris Miller Regional Vice President, Lighting Solutions Business Unit

    Chris Miller came to WPG Americas after many years of experience at Arrow Electronics. During his tenure at Arrow, Chris focused on sales and engineering while holding the following positions: Vice President Global Sales for RF and Wireless Division, Vice President Northwest Sales, Director of Engineering Americas, General Manager. He began his career with Arrow as an FAE in the electronics industry. He received a BS Electrical Engineering from Gannon University. In his current position at WPGA, Chris is responsible for WPGA’s Lighting Solution strategy for Americas. The lighting business unit provides business development, technical competency and design support for our lighting customers and sales organization. Our mission is to provide solutions for our lighting customers through our comprehensive supplier relationships and differentiated technical support focused on solving our customers challenges.


    Roger Elliott has over 30 years of experience in the industrial electronic distribution business. He has Regional and Area sales management experience for Semiconductor, Computer and Passive products and also served as North American Marketing Director for semiconductor products with global involvement. He currently holds the position of Product Line Manager, North American Marketing for Solid State Lighting products with WPG Americas Inc.”

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