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Display Technologies: Driving Wearable Adoption

A WPGA White Paper

Executive Summary

Wearable devices have changed the way people interact with technology. While mobile devices and smartphones have radically transformed our information consumption and sharing patterns, wearable devices are opening up a whole new world of communication and interaction from anywhere.

Over years, analysts and experts have been betting on wearables as the next big growth market in technology. And, rightly so. Today, an increasing number of consumers incorporate smartwatch and various fitness tracking devices into their daily lives. Enterprises, on the other hand, are exploring various use cases of wearables to cut costs, improve employee efficiency, and make faster business decisions, to name a few. As we are inching closer to the era of hyper-connectedness, wearables are emerging as smarter and more convenient devices with the ability to seamlessly integrate into our “always-on” lifestyle, on-job and off it, unlike any other device.

One of the biggest factors determining the future course and adoption of wearable devices is display technology. Because wearable products are meant to narrow the gap between the device and the user, providing unmatched user experiences, displays are critical to a wearable’s utility (or lack thereof). Naturally, device makers are witnessing a growing demand for more useful and suitable displays that can maximize the function of wearable products.

This white paper will discuss display technologies and their impact on the growth and adoption of wearable devices. It will explore the current state of the wearable device market, the display industry trends influencing wearable product development and enhanced capabilities of these devices. Further, this white paper will also provide an overview of how WiseChip is sensing opportunities in new display technologies for wearable devices.



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