A WPGA White Paper

Executive Summary

As more and more customers and end-users are getting close to phasing out conventional bulbs, the LED lighting industry continues making innovations to meet the growing demands of better and more improved lighting experience, including customizable technology, improved optics, and lower cost of ownership, at the same time ensuring reduced energy consumption.

High-intensity LEDs is one of the newest breakthroughs in LED technology that presents the potential for creative new lighting solutions, helping LEDs continue their march to the top of the market.

This white paper will explore the current state of the LED market and the entry of high-intensity LED, its benefits over its predecessors, and potential application areas for solid-state lighting (SSL) product makers and lighting manufacturers, with a special focus on Cree® XLamp® — industry’s first high-intensity class of LEDs.


  • Chris Miller BRANCH MANAGER

    Chris Miller received a BS Electrical Engineering from Gannon University and is responsible for WPGA’s Lighting Solution strategy for Americas. The lighting business unit provides business development, technical competency and design support for our lighting customers and sales organization. Our mission is to provide solutions for our lighting customers through our comprehensive supplier relationships and differentiated technical support focused on solving our customers challenges.

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