Your Internet of Everything: Micron Memory

By Floyd GoodrichFebruary 28, 2017

Without knowing it, you probably utilize Micron memory in the things you use every day.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are delivering greater efficiency, productivity, safety and comfort to many aspects of our daily lives.

These trends towards greater connectivity from more places enables us to gather more data, allowing to make more informed decisions – and memory plays a key role in the process. Let’s take a quick look at both Micron Memory for IoT and IIoT.

Micron Memory for IoT
Memory requirements are continuously evolving in complexity, and working with a tech-leader like Micron can help you identify the right solution to your IoT challenges.

Key Benefits of Micron’s IoT Solutions

  • Thoroughly tested NOR, NAND, DRAM, LPDRAM, MCPs, e.MMC, SSDs and module products
  • Industrial-quality reliability, including AEC-Q100-qualified automotive memory with high shock and vibration specifications
  • Variable temperature ranges to support many industrial needs
  • Flash memory security capabilities help guard against data corruption (intentional or accidental) with protection for boot code, device configuration, IP and more.

To learn more about Micron Memory’s IoT applications, please download the Product Brief.

Micron Memory for IIoT
IIoT is driving strong demand for more data acquisition, communication, real-time analytics and data driven decisions across industry verticals. Micron memory and storage solutions are top-of-the-line choices in the IIoT landscape.

Advantages to Micron’s IIoT Solutions

  • Industry’s Broadest Portfolio: A single source for a wide range of rigorously tested memory and storage solutions enables BOM simplification.
  • Strong Ecosystem Enablement: A leading company that collaborates with strategic partners worldwide gives you leading-edge solutions, proven compatibility and faster time to market.
  • Global Presence: Sales/marketing and embedded application experts in key countries and distribution channel support worldwide.

For more information about Micron Memory and storage for IIoT applications, please download the IoT Segment Sheet.

For more information about Micron Memory and how it can help solve some of your IoT or IIoT challenges, contact a WPGA Memory Specialist.