Xccela Flash: Micron's High Performing NOR Flash Memory for Automotive & IoT Applications

By Floyd GoodrichApril 19, 2017

Micron Technology, a worldwide leader in memory and storage solutions, recently announced the launch of Xccela™ Flash, adding it to its broad portfolio of high-performance memory technologies including DRAM, NAND, and NOR Flash.

Micron’s Xccela™ Flash, the industry’s highest-performance NOR flash, simplifies designs, reduces system costs, and boosts speeds with unprecedented read speeds as high as 400 MB/s.

The cutting-edge memory device, integrating unparalleled space-saving features, is ideal for automotive and IoT applications that demand instant access and fast response times.

Key Features of Micron’s Xccela Flash for Automotive and IoT Applications

  • Automotive Certification: Xccela™ Flash is certified to meet the automotive requirements specified by the AECQ.
  • Extended Temperature range: Xccela™ offers flexibility to choose between industrial and automotive temperatures to enhance performance levels in specific environments.
  • Enhanced memory performance: Secure storage and ramp up application security with advanced block protection

Xccela’s Innovation Driven Memory Solutions for Automotive

The growing demand for automotive features like driver assistance systems (ADAS), wireless connectivity, and infotainment is driving automotive designs to the next level, increasing the requirement for advanced memory solutions more than ever before.

Xccela Flash offers an extended portfolio of high-class, reliable memory solutions for the automotive industry, which enables design optimization and acceleration of the time to market. The prime Xccela advantages in automotive include: 

  • Comprehensive Portfolio: Develop with confidence using Xccela memory solutions that have been extensively tested in a range of extreme temperature environments to cater a variety of automotive applications.
  • Unmatched performance Quality: Micron’s Xccela leverages advanced automotive memory solutions that are optimized from inception to completion covering every aspect of design,   fabrication, and finished packaging to ensure top-class quality and compliance requirements for ISO/TS.
  • Industry-leading Expertise: Take advantage of Micron’s industry-leading R&D and expertise with complete technical support for your automotive designs facilitated by system architects and engineers having an in-depth knowledge of the automotive environment.

Xccela’s Embedded Memory Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Memory is an integral component in millions of IoT devices connected via the Internet. From consumer electronics to industrial machinery, wearable devices to home, and cars, Micron’s Xccela Flash is poised to transform memory applications in these connected devices with unprecedented performance and features including -  

  • Industrial Quotient (IQ): Micron’s Industrial Quotient (IQ) is an enabler for intelligent choices in your industrial product designs that not only help designers meet the product requirements but also ensures enterprise-class quality, simple product lifecycle management, sustainability, and long-term reliability in a variety of rugged industrial usages.
  • Worldwide Technical Support: Micron provides the best-in-class technical support through highly qualified regional experts specialized in embedded memory solutions for the Internet of Things.
  • Wide-Ranging Portfolio: Micron’s Xccela Flash portfolio for the Internet of Things includes diverse technologies, densities, and form factors that enable application-specific selection from a variety of high-performance memory solutions for the IoT.

The revolutionary Xccela Flash memory, designed to heighten customer experiences, integrates industry-leading innovation, engineering, and expertise that optimize memory solutions in automotive and IoT applications with unmatched benefits. 

For more information about the Xccela Flash memory technology, contact a WPG Americas Memory Specialist.