WPG Americas Powered Ceph Storage Solution

By Floyd GoodrichJanuary 17, 2017

With data storage requirements increasing exponentially over time, data storage solutions can be a headache to arrange. The building block approach of Cephalino scalable storage on-demand is a solution that allows you to grow your storage capacity as your data grows. WPG Americas, Micron and Leadman Electronics USA have partnered together to offer this Cephalino solution.

Inspired by Micron Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution reference design, Cephalino uses Micron Memory and SSD products to offer “just-right” performance and a comparatively cost-effective solution that can be scaled up as storage requirements increase. The principle of Cephalino is to build turnkey building blocks for general use within your IT systems.

Key Features of the Cephalino Solution include:

  • No license fee, open Source storage on-demand: block, object and file level storage
  • Scalable storage performance and capacity: add nodes as your storage needs grow
  • Modular approach enabling TCO planning
  • Highly reliable All flash solution

We believe the Cephalino solution can benefit many IT systems in a more dynamic way, resulting in high flexibility when expanding your on-demand storage needs. Download the Product Brief to learn more, or contact WPG Americas directly.