WPG Americas Inc. Partner, Tianma NLT USA, Inc, Adopts New Name for Overseas Subsidiaries

By Mike PecoraroMay 17, 2017



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WPG Americas Inc. partner, LCD Manufacturer Tianma Microelectronics, Adopts New Name for Overseas Subsidiaries

Change unifies Tianma corporate brand and logo for Japan, the Americas and Europe

Chino, CA, May 8, 2017 – Tianma NLT USA, Inc. (TNU) announces the change of its company name (trade name) to “Tianma America, Inc.” effective July 1, 2017.

As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen its global brand and position as a leading LCD and display solution supplier, Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China, has initiated efforts to standardize company names and logos for its overseas subsidiaries in Japan, the Americas and Europe. 

As a result of this change, the companies will be known as Tianma Japan, Ltd. (TMJ), Tianma America, Inc. (TMA), and Tianma Europe GmbH (TME).  In addition to the company name change, TMJ, TMA and TME will also share the Tianma logo, and the original NLT logo will no longer be used. WPG Americas Inc. became a distributor of Tianma America, Inc. (TMA) in February 2017.

“This initiative is viewed as a significant move to improve the company’s global brand recognition and overall business integration, helping to simplify company interactions worldwide,” said Lesa Qu, President of Tianma NLT USA, Inc.  “A unified company brand will better serve our customers and other company stakeholders, including suppliers, partners, and community and industry groups.”

In addition to developing, producing and selling NL branded products, TMJ is also responsible for selling and supporting TM branded products in Japan. TMA and TME will continue to promote, sell and support both the TM and NL branded products.

Over the years, Tianma has considered Japan, U.S. and South Korea as significant overseas markets.  In recent years, with the support of TMJ, TMA and TME, Tianma has been able to establish its technical superiority and significantly expand its customer focused resources to build exceptional business relationships with key partners.  This has led Tianma to develop a deeper understanding of its core markets and achieve a higher level of operational efficiency in support of these markets, examples of which include smart phones, tablet PCs, wearables, automotive, instrumentation, industrial, medical, avionic and marine, home automation, ATM and POS.

“The unification of the Tianma company brand will not change our current business model, customer focus or supply chain system.  We will maintain our dual-product brand strategy supporting both TM and NL product lines,” added Qu.  “Tianma will continue to develop best-in-class display solutions, per the requirements of our core markets.”

As part of the commitment to its customers and other stakeholders, Tianma will continue to focus on small and medium size display products and solutions, fully supporting its worldwide subsidiaries in Japan, U.S., Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, committed to providing leading edge technologies, products and superior service to global customers.

WPG Americas Inc. offers Tianma’s comprehensive range of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) products and associated technologies for automotive, avionics, communication, construction, medical and other industries.

About Tianma NLT USA, Inc.

Tianma NLT USA is the leading provider of small to medium size display solutions to the Americas market utilizing advanced technologies from Tianma Microelectronics and NLT Technologies Ltd., coupled with the manufacturing resources of the Tianma Group.

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