Winbond’s SpiFlash Serial Flash Memories Guide

By WPG AmericasNovember 13, 2017

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Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for the consumer, computer and communications and electronics product markets, offers serial flash memory solutions for a wide range of applications.

The company’s W25X and W25Q SpiFlash Multi-I/O memories feature the popular Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) with:

  • Densities from 512K-bit to 512M-bit
  • Small erasable sectors
  • Industries highest performance

Application areas include:

  • PCs, DVDs, BluRay, WLAN, DSL/Cable Modem, Printers
  • Hard Drives, Set Top Box, LCD-TV, Mobile Phones
  • Bluetooth, GPS, MP3, Meters, DSP, FPGAs and more

Learn more about Winbond’s serial flash memories by downloading the Serial Flash Product Selection Guide!