Winbond’s Memory Solutions: Building Portable Monitoring Devices for Smarter Healthcare

By WPG AmericasNovember 18, 2016

The propagation of technologically advanced yet low-cost portable healthcare monitoring devices is transforming the medical industry, enabling consumers to monitor vital signs and other essential aspects of their health at home and the on the go, without the need for expensive visits to the doctor’s office.

According to Gartner, portable consumer medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, and insulin pumps comprise the fastest-growing segment of the healthcare equipment market.

Memory Technology and the Role of Winbond in Portable Monitoring Devices

Memory plays a pivotal role in the portable monitoring device segment, as vital data needs to be collected, registered, and stored within the device. Advanced memory technologies assist in the development of premium hospital monitoring devices, as well as portable healthcare monitoring applications.

Winbond, by developing memory products with industry-leading features and reliability standards, enables designing of proactive health and wellness monitoring devices with futuristic memory solutions. Winbond memories converge innovative technologies to deliver zero-defect properties that assure extended device life in demanding environments.

Industrial Applications of Winbond's Memory Solutions

With Winbond's diversified memory programs, designers can develop monitoring products to meet the challenging and rugged requirements of the healthcare industry. Broadly categorized industrial applications include -

Blood Glucose Meter. Glucose meters, used to measure the amount of glucose in the blood of a diabetic patient, integrate design requirements that combine high-performance memory, low power consumption, and an easy user interface.

Blood Pressure Monitor. Modern blood pressure monitors incorporate a heart rate timer, a safety timer, a display, and pneumatic control. These monitors are usually battery powered, hence low power technology, along with advanced memory to record vital signs is a prime design consideration.

Pulse Oximeter. A non-invasive device for determining the percentage of arterial blood, Pulse Oximeters include graphics display, cutting-edge memory, USB, and CapSense buttons.

Infusion Pump. Infusion pumps are used to regulate medicine and fluids delivered to the patients. A USB, direct LCD drive, keypad or a touch screen interface, and high-end memory technology constitutes the core components of an infusion pump.

Fertility Monitor. A device to monitor fertility and hormone levels, fertility monitors integrate a display, high precision memory to store fertility reading, serial communication such as USB, and a user interface.

Key Features and Specifications of Winbond Memory Solutions

A pioneer is memory technology, Winbond offers the most comprehensive and scalable class of memory solutions for portable healthcare monitoring devices. Prime features and technical specifications include:





Enable high performance processing

Boot code
Patient data



Serial NOR
Serial NAND
Secure Flash


64Mb to 1Gb

8Mb to 64Mb


3V SDR, 2.5V DDR,
1.8V DDR2

3V to 1.8V





-40C to 85C

-40C to 85C

With Winbond’s low Power, mid densities, small form factor memory technologies, rapid time-to-market is a reality for the designers. For more information, contact a WPGA Memory Solutions Expert today!

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