Winbond's Fully-Compatible SLC NAND Flash Memories

By WPG AmericasApril 19, 2018

Winbond, leading supplier of semiconductor solutions to consumer, computer, communications and electronics product markets, offers a family of industry standard SCL NAND Flash memories. The big NAND Flash players are focused on higher density products (16Gb to 64Gb densities) for primarily the SSD market and other data storage segments in the industry. Winbond’s primary focus is to service the lower density code storage SLC NAND segment.

All Winbond SLC NAND Flash products are a direct drop-in replacement to the SLC NAND products available in the industry from different suppliers – the products are fully compatible. The command set, the interface and the packages are the same as what other supplies offer. The feature set from Winbond is a superset of the features that other suppliers provide.

Competitive Advantage

According to Winbond, their SLC NAND only needs 1-bit ECC, and any platforms with NAND interface can access it directly. However, these NAND products offer a page size of 2048+64 Bytes which is large enough to accommodate 4-bit or 8-bit ECC operation and hence can offer a more robust NAND solution compared to the competition.

These NAND devices provide a higher performance because of cache read/program operation. Moreover, since these products are just being offered in the industry, they will be supported for a longer period and customers can expect to receive long term support of these products for several more years.

Application Areas

  • Internet of Things
  • Automotive
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Set-Top-Box
  • DSL and cable modems
  • Digital TV
  • Mobile phones
  • Printers
  • Industrial applications

For more information, download the 2018 Winbond Product Selection Guide or contact a WPGA Field Sales Representative.