Winbond's Flash Memory Powers Wireless Camera Security Systems

By WPG AmericasOctober 11, 2017

Taiwan-based Winbond Electronics Corporation is a worldwide supplier of premium-grade memory IC products for the computer, electronics, communications, and consumer markets. The global semiconductor solution provider, with its latest Buried Word Line technology, has expanded DRAM memory applications beyond traditional smartphone and tablet markets to newer domains like mobile communication and wireless camera security systems.

Key Specifications of Winbond's Leading-Edge Flash Memory

Winbond's high-quality flash memory is a low-power synchronous memory comprised of 134,217,728 memory cells assembled with industry-leading process technology. The superior SDRAMs are specifically designed with low-power configurations that enable significantly less power consumption compared to regular SDRAMs on the market.

Winbond flash memory's low-power features are ideal for wireless applications like the Netgear Arlo camera security system, where low-power consumption and large memory density are essential.

Prime Features of Winbond Flash Memory for Wireless Applications

Winbond flash memory is available in two variants - 2,097,152 words × 4 banks × 16 bits, and 1,048,576 words × 4 banks × 32 bits. 

The flash memory, incorporated with a fully synchronous mode, operates from the 1.8V power supply and supports the 1.8V LVCMOS bus interface.

Other key features include: 

  • Power supply VDD = 1.7V~1.95V 
  • VDDQ = 1.7V~1.95V
  • Frequency: 166 MHz(-6),133MHz(-75) 
  • Standard Self Refresh Mode 
  • Programmable Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR)
  • Power Down Mode 
  • Deep Power Down Mode (DPD) 
  • Programmable output buffer driver strength 
  • Automatic Temperature Compensated Self Refresh (ATCSR)
  • CAS Latency: 2 and 3 
  • Burst Length: 1, 2, 4, 8, and full page 
  • Refresh: 4K refresh cycle / 64mS
  • Interface: LVCMOS 
  • Support package: 54 balls VFBGA (x16) / 90 balls VFBGA (x32) 
  • Operating Temperature Range: Extended (-25°C ~ +85°C) / Industrial (-40°C ~ +85°C)

Winbond Flash Memory in Netgear's Arlo Wireless Camera Security System

Arlo, by Netgear, utilizes the WiFi wireless protocol to enable state-of-the-art HD camera security system with night vision, two-way audio, and many other striking features.

Unlike traditional WiFi cameras that require a wired cable, Netgear security systems are powered by CR123A Lithium batteries, which empower users to easily deploy the cameras in any chosen environment.

To facilitate this increased mobility, Netgear has incorporated various engineering, including the groundbreaking Winbond flash memory technology, which ensures optimized performance of battery operated camera security systems.

Winbond's flash memory products are RoHS compliant and adhere to all necessary standards, regulations, and certification requirements. Please refer to product datasheets to learn more about the advanced flash memory devices, or download their Product Selector Guide for more info.

For purchase queries and more information on Winbond’s range of flash memory products, contact a WPGA Storage Specialist.