White Paper: Driving Wearable Adoption

By Mike PecoraroJanuary 31, 2017

Wearable devices are everywhere; they have transformed our lives. While mobile devices and smartphones have made an impact on our consumption of information, wearable devices have opened a whole new world of communication and interaction – from anywhere.

One of the biggest factors determining the future course and adoption of wearable devices is display technology. Displays are critical to a wearable’s utility and device makers are witnessing a growing demand for more useful and suitable displays that can maximize the function of wearable products.

Our white paper discusses display technologies and their impact on the growth and adoption of wearable devices, looking at the current state of the wearable market, the display industry trends influencing wearable product development and enhanced capabilities of these devices.

Download the white paper to learn more about how WiseChip Semiconductor is innovating new display technologies for wearable devices.