Vishay’s SUM 700040E And SUP 700040E Mosfets Pack Your Systems With Power To Run All Day

By WPG AmericasJuly 12, 2016

Vishay’s SUM 700040E and SUP 700040E MOSFETs aids you to bolster your device efficiency at lower power loss. Vishay is a global leader of low-power MOSFETs. Both its SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs are thermally advanced devices designed to enhance performance as well as energy savings. The new series of MOSFETs offer 60 % lower RDS (on) per mm2 than previous-generation device and reduce the conduction loss reduced with a max RDS (on) of 4 mΩ — perfect for equipment that operate 24/7. As industry-leading devices, these MOSFETs enable the possibilities to do more with less power. Discussed below are facts and features, of two most successful MOSFETs in the Vishay family - the SUP700040E and SUM700040E.

Determining Features of the SUP700040E and SUM700040E

These N-Channel 100 V (D-S) MOSFETs pack in some stunning features that include -

  • 100 V rated VDS for input voltages ≤ 72 V
  • Higher efficiency enables increased power density (watt-per-in2)
  • QGD / QGS ratio < 1 improves immunity to C*dV/dt gate coupling and shoot-through
  • 5 V and standard 10 V gate drive capabilities
  • Industrial grade and rugged devices
  • Maximum junction temperature rated up to 175 °C

Thermal Resistance Ratings of  SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs        

Product Specifications of Vishay’s SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs      

Applications and Market Segments of SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs  

Vishay's next generation MOSFETs, SUP700040E and SUM700040E, are deployed in various applications. Some of its general applications are:

  • Power supply

- Secondary synchronous rectification

  • DC/DC converter
  • Power tools
  • Motor drive switch
  • DC/AC inverter
  • Battery management

Market Centric Implementation of  Vishay's SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs,

  • Industrial applications: motor drive controls, solar micro inverters, and battery-management systems
  • AC/DC conversion and synchronous rectification in portables, cloud computers, and data centers
  • DC/DC converters: POL and telecom power
  • Charging stations for e-vehicles
  • OR-ing in server power supplies with redundant power architecture

Vishay's products are packaged in  (Lead (Pb)-free and halogen-free) casings. Packaging details of the SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs are as follows:

TO-220AB Packaging Specification for  SUP700040E  

TO-263 (D²PAK): 3-LEAD Packaging Specification for SUM700040E                          

Vishay's SUP700040E and SUM700040E MOSFETs Qualify All Quality and Safety Standards

Vishay is reputed worldwide for its commitment to the most latest and effective design, manufacturing, testing, and management procedures. Through consistent R&D and extensive testing the company continuously improves its  methodologies. As a result, the Company is well equipped to maintain qualifications for long product life cycle and safety requirements. Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is dedicated to conducting its global operations in a socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner, so that it can protect the environment and ensure the safety and wellbeing of its  employees, customers, and surrounding communities. The company maintains ISO 14001 certifications and most of its facilities around the world  are OSHAS 18000 certified. Vishay is also an EICC member and a leader, in implementing the Electrical Industry Code of Conduct.