Vishay’s Solutions for the Medical Industry: Ceramic-Based UV LEDs

By WPG AmericasMarch 8, 2017

Vishay Intertechnology introduces their family of ceramic-based, high-power UV LEDs with silicone lenses, delivering reliability, energy-saving replacement for mercury lamps.

The VLMU35xx family of UV LEDs provides an exceptionally long lifetime, compact surface-mount packages for medical, industrial and printing applications, including:

UV curing, such as in nail salons, dental and printing

  • Industrial curing
  • Blood detection
  • Counterfeit currency detection
  • Photocatalytic purification

VLMU35xx UV LEDs are made with a silicone casting for low- and mid-power, and silicone lens for high-power, which offers exceptionally long lifetime for the product. These UV LEDs are a reliable and energy-saving replacement for mercury lamps, which typically only have a lifetime of 10,000 hours. Vishay’s VMLU35xx offer up to 25,000 hours.

The VMLU35xx is environmentally-friendly; these LEDs are free of heavy metals. Mercury lamps also need complex drive circuits and two to 15 minutes to warm up, whereas members of the VLMU35xx family use simple low-voltage circuitry and need no warm up time.

For more information about Vishay’s VLMU35xx family of ceramic-based, high-power UV LEDs with silicone lenses, download this Product Datasheet and contact a WPGA Specialist today.