Vishay’s Innovations for Medical Diagnostics and Equipment

By WPG AmericasJune 4, 2016

The Current State of Global Medical Semiconductor Market

The latest report from IC Insights has projected the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for worldwide medical semiconductors sales—between year 2013 and 2018—to reach 12.3%, rising to a $8.2 billion market in the final year of the forecast.

According to the report, the growth rate is primarily the result of an expanding market, for powerful and space effective medical systems that require ICs, sensors, and other devices, manufactured by the semiconductor industry.

Vishay – Contributing to the Growth

With technological advancements in today’s digital healthcare happening at a rapid pace, Vishay Intertechnology—one of world’s largest manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive components—is hoping to capitalize on what is being viewed as the biggest demand surge for the entire industry.

Among the key players in the medical semiconductor market, Vishay is making remarkable progress to cater the sustainable growth in the market. As observed by market analysts, Vishay is positioned to play a key role in leading the evolving opportunities of the medical semiconductor industry.

Vishay’s impressive product portfolio aims to deliver high performance components for medical diagnostics and monitoring devices. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, Vishay’s product set consists of a wide array of precision items including resistors, capacitors, rectifiers, Mosfets, diodes and ICs, specially developed for medical equipment, X-Ray machines, patient monitoring devices, glucose meters, pacemakers and MRI units. The products, well known for their advanced technological features like small size, low TCR and tight tolerance, are also greatly regarded for exceptionally high stability and pinpoint accuracy.

Cutting-Edge Design Support

In addition to being one of world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing companies, Vishay is predominantly distinguished for its cutting-edge designer support tools, developed for thermal simulation, performance calculators, and SPICE and 3D models. A complete insight, on the company’s widespread activities in the medical sector, can be obtained from the Virtual Trade Shows that showcase Vishay’s decade long dedication towards innovation, reliability and quality.

Top 8 Vendor in the Global Semiconductor Market

Technavio recently announced the top eight leading vendors for the global discrete semiconductors market in their latest research report. The market research company rated Vishay as one of the most prominent players in the discrete semiconductor industry until 2019. The market survey, focused on identifying leading global vendors in the semiconductor market, features Vishay as one of the top eight vendors in the global semiconductor market.

To learn more about Vishay’s product offering for your Medical Applications, check out the Medical section of the Engineering Tool Box 3.0 or