Vishay IHLE-5A Series: High Current Inductors with E-Field Shield

By Sarah RonkoskeJune 12, 2017

In part 3 of the Vishay Super 12 series, we talk about the IHLE series introduced by Vishay Intertechnology — a leading manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. The company recently announced the expansion of its IHLE series of low-profile, high-current inductors in three case sizes — IHLE-2525CD-5A, IHLE-3232DD-5A, and IHLE-4040DD-5A.

The new automotive grade, low-profile, high-current inductors feature integrated e-shields to reduce EMI, lower costs, and save space by eliminating the need for any separate board-level Faraday shielding.

Vishay's new devices contain the electric field in a tin-plated copper integrated shield, rendering up to -20 dB of electric field reduction at 1 cm when the integrated shield is connected to the ground.

The new products, developed on Vishay Dale's industry-leading IHLP technology, leverage the best-in-class efficiency with DCR from 1.55 mΩ to 167 mΩ, and a broad range of inductance values from 0.22 µH to 47 µH.

Key Features of Vishay’s IHLE-5A Series High Current Inductors with E-Field Shield

Vishay’s IHLE-5A series of low-profile, high-current inductors is capable of handling high transient current surges without saturation. Other prime features of the IHLE-5A series are –

  • High temperature, up to 155 °C
  • Integrated E-Shield for maximum EMI reduction (1)
  • Excellent DC/DC energy storage up to 1 MHz to 2 MHz Filter inductor applications up the SRF.
  • Integrated e-field shield eliminates need for separate shielding
  • 20 dB e-field reduction at 1 cm - Measured vertically from top center of device
  • Lowest DCR/μH, in this package size
  • Handles high transient current spikes without saturation
  • Coplanarity of the 4 terminals 100 μm
  • AEC-Q200 qualified

Major Applications Areas of Vishay’s IHLE-5A Series High Current Inductors with E-Field Shield

The cutting-edge devices, incorporating 4-terminal connection, allow high-vibration performance for chassis-mounted and on-engine electronic circuits. Key application areas of Vishay’s IHLE-5A series include -

  • Engine and transmission control units
  • Diesel injection drivers
  • DC/DC converters for entertainment/navigation systems
  • Noise suppression for motors - Windshield Wipers - Power seats - Power Mirrors - Heating and ventilation blowers - HID lighting
  • LED drivers

Vishay’s IHLE series is designed to provide high resistance to mechanical shock, moisture, and thermal shock. The new product portfolio, packaged in a 100% lead (Pb) -free shielded construction, is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green.

Samples and production quantities of IHLE-2525CD-5A, IHLE-3232DD-5A, and IHLE-4040DD-5A low-profile, high-current inductors are available now with lead times of ten to twelve weeks for bulk orders. Contact WPGA PEMCO Specialist Sarah Ronkoske for more information. Also check out the product sheet and product demonstration video!