[VIDEO] Introducing the iHP Series: Artesyn's New Intelligent High Power System

By Rob GrayNovember 17, 2017

In March 2017, Artesyn Embedded Technologies — a global leader in embedded computing solutions and one of the world's largest manufacturers of highly reliable power conversion modules — showcased the industry's first configurable intelligent high power system, the iHP series, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Tampa, Florida. This two-part series will offer a glimpse into the iHP product line and its application areas.

In part one, we’ll give you an overview of the iHP series.

Artesyn’s iHP configurable intelligent power system offers superior accuracy, high resolution, and robust stability, either as a programmable voltage, or current source.

The industry-leading iHP series is configurable for up to eight outputs, using a large range of plug-in modules that address a wide variety of currents and voltages.

Artesyn’s iHP series, in addition, incorporates a software graphical user interface (GUI) for smooth configuration, with both digital and analog interfaces that support standard communications protocols.

Control and Communication of Artesyn’s iHP Configurable Intelligent Power System

The configurable, intelligent iHP series offers varied control and communication options for digital as well as analog interfaces, including RS485, Ethernet, and CANbus.

The digital control leverages Artesyn’s high-level PowerPro configurable GUI to manage and monitor functionalities on one, or multiple iHP systems.

The PowerPro GUI is a cloud-based application, which can be operated from any device connected to the internet. The GUI integrates graphical script creation that enables users to script individual process control routines.

Leverage Powerful Possibilities with Artesyn’s iHP Series

Artesyn’s iHP series is the only configurable high power system on the market that offers a state-of-the-art interface for seamless control and flexibility.

The cutting-edge, intelligent, high-power modules have been specially designed to meet the challenging needs of a wide variety of applications including -


The multi-output modular structure of the iHP series delivers system power in a single unit, while eliminating the need for an isolation transformer.

LED Lighting/Horticulture

Artesyn’s iHP intelligent power system, with bulk high voltage current sources, eliminates the requirement for individual LED array drivers, thereby, reducing installation and operational costs.

High Power Lasers

Standard iHP series modules supply a broad range of bulk power as input to laser drivers.

Lab Power

The configurable, high-power intelligent modules produce low noise and enable precise control of current source and voltage with built-in wireless communication.

Electroplating and Etching

The iHP intelligent power system series integrates high-level PowerPro configurable GUI that can be customized to specific process requirements with programmable rise and fall times.

Artesyn’s configurable intelligent power systems comply with all industrial and medical safety approvals, meeting the SEMI F47 voltage sag tolerance standard for semiconductor processing equipment.

For more information and product queries, contact WPG America’s Director of Power Solutions Rob Gray.