[VIDEO] Artesyn iHP Series Offers Increased Accuracy, Resolution and Stability in Medical and Industrial Applications

By Rob GrayNovember 21, 2017


In part two of this series, we’ll discuss the key features and the applications of the Artesyn’s iHP product line.

The Intelligent High Power (iHP) series, created to meet varied design requirements of industrial and medical applications, is an extension of Artesyn’s current product portfolio of configurable AC to DC power supply products.

Artesyn's new iHP series delivers unprecedented accuracy, high resolution, and rock-solid stability, either as a programmable current or as a voltage source, with the highest power and voltage rating in the configurable power supply family. 

The fundamental modular concept comprises of an iHP rack, into which the iHP modules are plugged. The Power Factor corrected rack converts standard AC input voltages into a regulated high voltage DC (HVDC) output.

Key Features of Artesyn's Configurable Intelligent High Power Series

The highly-competent iHP series renders top-grade power factor correction (PFC) and low total harmonic distortion (THD) over a broad range of loads.

The series implements a multi-phase continuous mode boost PFC architecture, which lengthens the life of electrolytic capacitors and lowers the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Other special features of the industry-leading iHP series include:

  • Multi-output intelligent and modular high power system
  • Standard 19” rack
  • Outputs parallel up to 1600 A
  • Outputs series up to 1000 V
  • 100 percent digital control
  • Outputs program as voltage or current source
  • Flexible control interfaces
  • Air cooled
  • Semi F47 compliance
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Programmable slew rate
  • Fast current slew rate up to 200 Hz
  • Active power factor correction
  • User-defined command profiles

Versatile input configurable up to:

  • Low line 180-264 Vac single phase and 3-phase
  • High line 342-528 Vac 3-phase

Technical Specifications of Artesyn's Configurable Intelligent High Power Series

The iHP series offers total control and the most flexible and universal solutions for industrial and medical applications.

Users can customize and configure the iHP modules to meet specific application requirements. The modules can be connected in parallel or in a series while attaining precise current and voltage sharing.

Key technical specifications of the iHP series:

  • Total Max Power:24,000 W
  • Total Max Current:1,600 A
  • Input Voltage:180 V to 528 V
  • Output Voltage:0.60 V to 1000.00 V
  • Outputs: Single
  • Size (L x W x H):27.800" x 17.600" x 5.220"
  • Operating Temperature:0 to +50 C
  • Warranty: 5 years

Safety Approvals of Artesyn's Configurable Intelligent High Power Series

The safety approvals secured by Artesyn Embedded Technologies eliminate the necessity of an isolation transformer in medical devices.

The cutting-edge iHP series adheres to the following safety approvals -

  • UL 60950-1 2nd Edition; EN60950-1; IEC60950-1/EN60950
  • CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07, 2nd Edition
  • EN60601-1; IEC60601-1; IEC60601
  • UL 60601-1 1st Edition; ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (2005 + C1:09 + A2:10) 3rd Ed
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1 (2008)
  • CB Certificate and Report
  • CE (LVD+RoHS), EN60950-1

Artesyn's Configurable Intelligent High Power series also complies with industrial safety approvals, including the SEMI F47 standard for semiconductor processing equipment.

Contact WPG Americas’ Director of Power Solutions Rob Gray for more information about Artesyn's iHP series.