Using Optoelectronics in Industrial Applications

By WPG AmericasNovember 17, 2016

Being one of the world's leading vendors of photodetectors, infrared emitters, optical sensors, and optocouplers, Vishay Intertechnology offers an exceptionally broad portfolio of optoelectronic products, which find usage in a wide range of industrial applications.

Whether it is a PIN photodiode, a reflective or transmissive sensor, an ambient light sensor, a surface emitter, or an optocoupler, Vishay has proven solutions that are designed to excel. These solutions are backed by an extensive R&D by Vishay, an integrated optoelectronics company with over 30 years of experience in the field of detector and emitter, die fabrication and packaging.

There are actually numerous applications that can use an emitter, photodetector, an infrared or optical sensor. Here are the top industrial applications where Vishay's industry-leading optoelectronic products can be deployed.


These days, security cameras are practically everywhere. Since most crimes happen after dark, security cameras need superior infrared illumination that is effective at night. Vishay’s TSHG5210 and TSHG5410 infrared emitters beat the competition in illuminating the camera's field of view with radiant intensity and minimum degradation.

Smoke and Flame Detection

Depending on the volatility of the substance, a fire emits light in various spectrums of ultraviolet (UV), near-infrared, visible, and far infrared. TEMD5080X01 from Vishay, with an overall spectral sensitivity range of 350nm to 1100nm, includes UV radiation, visible light, and near-infrared radiation.

Data Transmission

Transferring big data amounts via infrared over long ranges needs an array of high-intensity emitters with remarkably fast switching times in order to facilitate data communication at speeds of up to 16 Mbit/s. Vishay launched the VSMF4720, an industry-leading 870nm SMD infrared emitter with lowest forward voltage and highest radiant intensity in the PLCC2 class.

Infrared Remote Control

Vishay is a global leader of remote control receivers implemented in consumer electronics and light industrial markets. Vishay’s VSLB3940 and VSLB3948 infrared emitters integrate an on-axis radiant intensity of 65 mW/sr and an optical power of 40 mW at 100 mA. This significantly improves performance standards by 8 % over the larger, and by 40 % over smaller form factor.


Efficient smart meters are displacing the traditional electric meter in most countries. Electric, gas and water meters utilize optoelectronic components to measure the usage of a user. Vishay’s VBPW34FAS -SR, designed for smart meters, allows Low forward voltage of 1.0 V and a Wide angle of half-sensitivity (±) 65°.

Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors

Vishay's VCNL4010, VCNL4020, and VCNL4020X01 have fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensors with a full 16-bit resolution. These sensors include an infrared emitter, photodetector, a signal processing IC, and I2C communication interface. VCNL4020X01 is qualified for automotive applications. The device has a maximum operating temperature of (+) 105  ̊C.

Vishay’s optoelectronic products are offered in compact gullwing, reverse gullwing, and side view packages.  Matching photodetectors are offered as PIN photodiodes or phototransistors. They can be obtained with or without a daylight blocking filter. All Vishay devices are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and conform to Vishay “Green” standards.

To know more about these solutions, please download Vishay’s Guide to Industrial Applications and contact the WPGA team at 888.WPG.8881. 

Download Vishay's Guide to Industrial Applications