Using Industrial MicroSD Cards in Critical Applications

By Floyd GoodrichDecember 28, 2016

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a revolution, transforming the realms of manufacturing by extending automation and connectivity beyond the traditional factory boundaries with smart applications. 

To address the growing challenges of IIoT, Micron Technology, Inc., a world-leading supplier of high-performance semiconductor products, developed an industrial microSD card to meet the temperature ranges, endurance, and robust requirements demanded in critical IIoT ecosystems.

Micron’s industrial microSD cards, specifically tailored for commercial mission-critical applications, enable exceptionally high reliability, performance, quality, protection, and durability needed for edge recording and other IIoT deployments.

Key Benefits of Micron's Industrial MicroSD Cards

  • High-endurance storage solutions specially engineered to match the ever-increasing demand for 24X7 video capturing.
  • Crafted with precision for the unique requirements of security cameras.
  • Industry-leading reliability built to sustain extended WRITE/ERASE cycles (2 million hours MTTF).
  • Card health monitoring enabled
  • Optimized firmware to decrease frame drop.

Micron's Innovative Edge Storage Solutions for the Video Surveillance Industry

Today, almost all IP video surveillance cameras support edge storage with an in-built microSD card slot. The onboard data storage allows direct video recording and remote applications with the ability to retrieve archived video in the memory card through a network.

The application of edge storage in an IP camera enables improved video surveillance solutions, helping system integrators to optimize the design for IP network load/capacity availability, recording redundancy and mobile access with enhanced flexibility and cost benefits.

Traditionally, network load optimization has been serviced by lower-density SLC-based flash technology in the 4GB and 8GB microSD card class, which led to multiple system flaws.

However, the introduction of next-generation MLC-based microSDs by Micron has changed the industry dynamics, proving to be a compelling proposition for today's challenging surveillance-specific storage requirements.

Micron's cutting-edge 32GB and 64GB industrial microSDs for usage in edge storage and IP video surveillance integrate the company's industry-leading expertise in flash technology and surveillance applications. Prime microSD card features include:

High Endurance - IP cameras involve massive workloads for the memory. Specifically designed for video recording, Micron’s industrial SD cards are capable of supporting more than 3 years of high-quality continuous 24X7 video recording.

Micron’s Industrial MicroSD Card Offering

64GB: 3 years @ 8 Mb/s 24/7 continuous recording

32GB: 3 years @ 4 Mb/s 24/7 continuous recording

Implementation of Micron microSD Cards in Industrial Multimarket Applications

Micron’s diversified portfolio of Industrial Multimarket (IMM) focused storage solutions deliver superior reliability, incredibly high-performance, and impeccable quality standards for the industrial, automotive, and commercial-grade categories.

Micron microSD cards are a top choice for network infrastructure, IPC, and communication devices used in demanding environments. The company's IMM centric microSDs empower the latest technological developments in scientific, medical, and manufacturing domains.

Significant Features of Micron’s Industrial MicroSD Cards for IMM

Extensively tested NOR, NAND, DRAM, LPDRAM, MCPs, e.MMC, and SSD product modules.

  • Micron's Product Longevity Program (PLP) for microSD products ensure architectural stability for 10 years or more on select NAND, DRAM, and NOR chips.
  • Large range of tested high-temp storage, including AEC-Q100-qualified automotive memory.
  • Long-term viability via cutting-edge fabs and perpetual migration to smaller processes.

High-quality industrial microSD cards from Micron are offered through a stable portfolio designed to trigger developments and applications in a varied range of multimarket segments. Created with the most advanced technology, Micron's industrial micro SD cards enhance system performance while enabling network load reduction and lower TCO in storage applications. 

To learn more about Micron's industrial MicroSD cards, please contact a WPGA Data Center Solutions Specialist.