Touchscreen Demo with Newhaven's Premium Capacitive EVE2

By Mike PecoraroMay 31, 2018

Newhaven Display International introduces its new line of premium capacitive EVE2 TFT modules. The new product line features robust EVE2 IC developed by FTDI/Bridgetek. The powerful IC helps deliver high-quality, full-color display, backed by FTDI/Bridgetek’s FT812 and FT813 Embedded Video Engines.

Newhaven’s Premium Capacitive EVE2 comprises twenty TFT modules, with sizes ranging from 3.5” diagonal to 7.0” diagonal. The TFT modules are available in standard, premium, and sunlight-readable variants. The display modules pack top-end features, such as superior touch interactivity, first-rate audio, and video capabilities.

The premium capacitive EVE2 TFT Modules are available with two standard 20-pin connection options. Both these connectors unleash the full potential of integrated EVE2 IC, without compromising display brightness. The TFTs allow backlight luminance naturalization through Pulse-Width Modulation controls included in every model.

Findings from Newhaven's Premium Capacitive EVE2 Touchscreen Test

In a demo, Newhaven tested the touchscreen lifetime of its 5-inch premium capacitive EVE2 module. The demo featured 2 Arduinos, one for the display, and one for the robot. The test counted and recorded each swipe on the EVE2 TFT touchscreen.

According to figures displayed in the test, Newhaven's premium capacitive EVE2 touchscreen can withstand 1 million touches. As seen in the test, 15000 touches in over 5 hours could not impair the EVE2 capacitive touchscreen’s lifespan.

The New EVE2 TFT Modules Incorporate Multiple Capabilities

With premium EVE2 TFT modules, users can leverage a variety of functionalities, including top-quality audio synthetization and playback, excellent touch interactivity, high-resolution graphics, and video playback from the controller.

In a first, Newhaven’s EVE2 TFT modules will allow users to connect to a Newhaven Display TFT via an SPI interface. Users can run the feature-rich TFT modules, incorporating a built-in graphics memory, with no external frame buffer.

Newhaven’s EVE2 modules, powered by FTDI/Bridgetek, marks a new era in TFT displays, offering unique advantages in CM/R&D, industrial, medical, and HVAC/fire, safety, security applications.