Tianma NLT USA Introduces Thin & Lightweight Industrial 15” LCD Module

By Mike PecoraroMay 18, 2017

Prototype to be shown at Display Week 2017 May 23-25th in the Tianma booth, #1005

Tianma NLT USA, a leading provider of small to medium display solutions, introduces the new thin, lightweight 15” LCD module with XGA resolution for industrial applications.

This new module utilizes a slim LED backlight – a module thickness of only 6.3mm and weight of 640g. This is approximately HALF the size of conventional modules in the same size range.

The best feature of the 15” LCD module is the excellent luminous efficiency requiring less power. Thin LCD modules typically result in inefficient light use, but this new module utilizes high efficiency backlight to prevent the increase associated with the thin body, thus improved performance.

The new Tianma 15” display with XGA resolution is geared towards POS and ATM applications. POS systems require more compact footprints and improved designs are in high demand for terminal equipment; thinner, lighter and more efficient display modules are also needed. Tianma’s development of this thin and lightweight industrial model meets the market need for compact design. Mass production is planned to start in June 2017.

A prototype of the 15” LCD module with XGA resolutions for industrial applications will be shown at Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles, CA, May 23-25th 2017, in the Tianma booth, #1005.

For more information about the Tianma Industrial 15” LCD display module, contact a WPGA Embedded Specialist or visit Tianma on www.wpgamericas.com.