The New Era of Video Walls: Delivering an Unparalleled Viewing Experience

By Mike PecoraroJuly 24, 2017

Today's market competition has pushed business enterprises in a tight, crowded environment to switch to more vivid, eye-catching solutions to attract the attention of their customers. Thanks to this, video walls are finding applications in a wide range of market segments such as advertisement displays, airport travel updates, indoor exhibitions or presentations, control rooms, etc.

From real-time public information displays to highlighting sales promotions and ongoing events, video walls are enhancing information delivery to an extent never seen before; it is now playing a key role in building emotional engagement between customers and brands. A recent report by Transparency Market Research predicts the global LED video walls market to grow from $1,967.2 million in 2016 to $3,882.9 million by 2025 — that’s a remarkable 8.1% CAGR!

And if you consider the consolidated video wall market segment — inclusive of video wall displays, installations, and content management systems — then the growth is projected to reach $18 billion, according to another report by MarketsandMarkets.

The emergence of video wall technology has entirely changed the dynamics of marketing, particularly in the way businesses previously conceived engagement and promotion. Today, global businesses and enterprises are seeking to deliver content in high-quality UHD picture, which, with its amplified clarity and brilliance, brings even the smallest visual detail to life.

Another aspect driving the growth of video walls is its ability to adapt any unique business environment. Video walls are easily customizable, and that opens up a range of configuration possibilities in various sizes and dimensions based upon specific needs.

Plus, the advent of narrow-bezel designs has completely eliminated common hassles like visual distractions and installation complexities, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of content across multiple screens even in the most rugged, industrial conditions. As such narrow bezel design is increasingly becoming one of the key reasons for video wall’s popularity. In fact, Technavio’s Global Video Wall Market 2016-2020 report identifies narrow bezel as “one of the primary drivers contributing to the growth of the video wall market”.

A frontrunner in the global video wall market and its emerging trends is Samsung, the world’s largest display manufacturer. Known for its high-quality video walls that produce near-perfect visuals and optimized color uniformity, Samsung makes sure its video walls undergo high-level factory calibration that enables users to get the walls up and running instantly. Here are other cutting-edge features that make Samsung a leader in the world of video wall technologies. 

True Color Expression

Samsung video walls integrate top of the line features like 16-bit internal Advanced Color Management (ACM). The chipset supports comprehensive calibration while minimizing gradation loss and distortion to deliver clearer, smoother on-screen colors. The result is more accurate and brighter image representation.

Uniform Brightness

Samsung video walls implement accurate X and Y coordinate tuning along with an eight-step Gamma curve and grayscale correction to facilitate delivery of exquisite color and brightness even under direct sunlight. Fine-tuning of the RGB color balance helps the video walls produce an exceptional white balance difference, less than 300 degrees K. 

Smooth Content Delivery

Samsung video walls leverage the powerful Tizen operating system to generate mesmerizing on-screen content. The video walls incorporate a UHD Signage Player Box that aids seamless exchange between the content server and the video wall. The centralized workflow increases operational efficiency by eliminating the necessity for external devices and media players.

Pioneering Slim Design

Samsung's video walls are noted for its remarkably narrow width bezel-to-bezel design. Particularly, the UH55F-E model's 1.7 mm bezel-to-bezel configuration is among the slimmest video walls available in the market. The elimination of bordering bezels allows uninterrupted content flow across multiple displays. This results in showcasing of impactful featured content.

Through clear and stunning visuals, Samsung video walls enable businesses and marketers to captivate their audience in a more impressive manner. The features like daylight viewing, unobstructed visibility, and ultra-durability further add to the advantages, making these video walls a preferred choice over other display mediums.

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