Taking Application Servers to the Next Level

By WPG AmericasOctober 31, 2016

The demand for high-capacity storage solutions is positions at an all-time high as the volume of data worldwide is exploding at a rapid rate - almost doubling every 2 years. As stated in various research documents, the global data center traffic is forecasted to increase by a CAGR of 23% at the end of 2018.

In today's scenario, enterprise IT infrastructures handle all major aspects of daily business, making high-speed capacity storage solutions an absolute necessity for data center application servers. To tackle this concern, global semiconductor giant Samsung has launched enterprise server DRAMs and SSDs that drive data center performance to the next level.

Samsung’s speed-optimized DDR4 DRAMs and SSDs promise efficient storage of every bit of global data in more effective ways than the conventional approach of upgrading the CPUs. Integrated with a high bandwidth of 2xnm, Samsung’s DDR4 RDIMM TSV memory solutions leverage superb reliability and high density, helping data centers achieve significant performance improvement while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Samsung’s high-performance enterprise SSDs, specifically designed with powerful features to boost data center server applications, deliver enhanced capacity and industry-leading speeds for lightning fast processing of big data volumes at optimum ownership costs.

Tackling the Growing Energy Concerns with Samsung’s Premium Memory Solutions for Application Servers

Samsung recognizes the pain of owning energy consuming infrastructures and offers revolutionary storage solutions that can handle rapid data traffic with increased power efficiency and reduced costs.

It is now a tested fact that Samsung’s cutting-edge 2xnm DDR4 memory solutions improve power efficiency by 26%, as compared to its predecessor, the DDR3. The latest induction in Samsung's memory family, the DDR4 TSV RDIMM, consumes 28% less power in comparison to its previous version, DDR4 LRDIMM.

Samsung's PCIe NVMe SSDs, dramatically heighten energy performances by a staggering 267 times, as opposed to the conventional HDDs. Integrating the cutting-edge NAND design, controller, and lower-power PCB, the industry-leading SSDs offer 2.5 times the energy efficiency than a typical SATA.

Samsung Storage Solutions Unlock the Full Potential of Virtualization

Samsung's server DRAMs maximize the potential of virtualization, allowing extensive memory capacity with higher bandwidths for optimized OS installation and multi-core settings in the virtualized ecosystem.

The semiconductor company's high-class enterprise SSDs provide superb random IOPS and excellent memory density to meet the increasing challenges of virtualization.

Samsung’s Advanced DRAMs and SSDs Help Achieve Upfront Reliability

Samsung memory products are designed to relieve data centers from the stress of security breaches and server failures, which most likely lead to reduced productivity and revenue losses.

The DDR4 integrates enhanced RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability) features to achieve high data reliability and signal integrity that are necessary for critical high volume applications.

On the SSD front, Samsung's V-NAND SSD ensures outstanding security and sustained performance through unique features like Dynamic Thermal Throttling (DTT), Power Loss Protection (PLP), Self-Encrypting Drive (SEC), and Error-Correcting Code (ECC).

Samsung has now made things easier to efficiently manage the dynamic and complex data loads of application servers. The company's unprecedented technology empowers application servers to exceed performance demands at much lower operating costs.

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