Supermicro's SuperServers® Offer Enhanced Efficiency for Cloud and Hyperscale Centers

By WPG AmericasJune 23, 2016

Supermicro has the IT industry’s widest portfolio of latest generation servers that demonstrate high quality performance, energy efficiency, and value effectiveness. Supermicro’s next generation SuperServers® help keep operative prices (OPEX) and total cost of ownership (TCO) at acceptable levels without hampering performance.

The ultra SuperServer® systems from Supermicro are specifically designed to fulfil the stringent challenges of today’s Cloud, Hyperscale, and Enterprise datacenters that need the highest levels of performance-per-watt under the most demanding environments.

Packed with cutting-edge industry leading features, Supermicro’s ultra SuperServers®, 1U Datacenter Optimized and 2U Twin SuperServer®, are now the industry benchmark for highest performance-per-watt optimization in the rapidly growing Cloud, Hyperscale, and Enterprise datacenters.

Supermicro Twin Architecture Provides Highest Efficiency in the Data Center, Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT Sector

The 1U and 2U SuperServers, a part of Supermicro's patented TwinPro™ solutions,  are the foundation of the most advanced server platforms used in today's HPC/Datacenter, Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT applications.

With up to 16 DIMMs per node, these high performance, high density systems feature optimum airflow for energy efficient cooling, easy maintenance and high availability with hot-swappable nodes and redundant power supply modules.  These systems also incorporate the latest CPU and interconnect technologies for maximum processing performance and data throughput.

Unique benefits of the Twin Architecture include:

  • Highest Performance-per-Watt
  • Highest Performance-per-penny
  • 16 DIMMs and 512GB DDR 1600 MHz Memory per node
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 Series
  • Redundant (96%) Efficiency Titantium Level Power Supplies
  • Up to 6x3.5” or 12x2.5 SAS2 (2208,2108,2008)/SATA3 HDDs/ SSDs per node
  • PCI-E 3.0 x8 MicroLP slot for 56Gb/s ConnectX-3 FDR IB or 10 GbE SFP+
  • NVMe Support
  • SATA DOM Support
  • Server Management with onboard IPMI 2.0 / Dedicated LAN

Performance and Power Measurements of Supermicro SuperServers

To demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of Ultra, Supermicro performed performance-per-watt tests for two of its Ultra systems versus two competitive systems. The performance and efficiency advantages of the Supermicro SuperServer® systems were measured with the latest generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2650 v4 “Broadwell” CPUs.

All four systems were run on the High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark program. System Power Efficiency was recorded at idle, average, and peak power values, using the power meter wattage. Power efficiency was calculated using the formula: Power Efficiency (GFLOPS/W) = HPL Score / Average Power.

Test Results

Results reveal that Supermicro Ultras can save up to 32 watts per node, for a 10,000-node Cloud, Hyperscale, or Enterprise datacenter. This accounts to almost $5 million in TCO savings, over a four-year period, results suggest Supermicro’s supremacy in the performance-per-watt category with highest optimizations. Registering significant improvements in power efficiency, 19% over that of a traditional rackmount volume server, the Ultra’s best testing result was booked at 2.13 GFLOPS/Watt.

Supermicro is highly committed to the industry and its clients. With the most innovative technologies and best TTM, combined with an impeccable track record, it continues to improve the optimization of high-end server/storage in a big way.