SSDs for Enterprise Are Already 16TB With Samsung's Third-Generation V-NAND

By WPG AmericasApril 22, 2016

In March, Samsung announced that the world's largest drive, from any drive technology, had shipping.  This milestone represents a breakthrough in storage technology, as from this point forward, solid state drive (SSD) capacity has surpassed what is possible with high capacity hard disk drive.

This breakthrough is made possible in part by Samsung's three-generation 3D NAND flash technology lead over all other SSD manufacturers.  According to industry analysts, virtually all SSD shipped by 2019 will be based on the advanced 3D tri-level cell (TLC) flash memory technology; Samsung has already shipped over 7 million such V-NAND SSDs. The SSD industry will undergo a major change in 2016, as other SSD suppliers race to develop SSDs based on 3D flash memory technology, to compete with Samsung. Flash memory technologies such as Samsung's V-NAND offer a variety of advantages over the older 2D "planar" technology, including twice the write endurance, twice the write performance, and 40% lower read power.

For server manufacturers and enterprise datacenters, the advantages of solid state performance and reliability are amplified by the fact that SSDs are now cost at comparable cost per gigabyte as traditional enterprise performance hard disk drives.

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