SSD Performance and Reliability at HDD Cost

By WPG AmericasDecember 1, 2016

Introducing Samsung’s PM1633a 2.5” SAS SSD

Every day, enterprise server and storage administrators are challenged to meet the requirements of mission critical business infrastructure. Enterprises need to deliver on-premises computing solutions that consistently deliver predictable performance, all on a limited budget. Now more than ever, IT and data center managers must find optimal storage solutions.

Samsung, world leading producer of enterprise server and storage solutions, introduces their PM1633a SAS SSD, which delivers up to 1,000 times the performance of 15K RPM hard disk drives at a comparable cost per GB.

The PM1663a is another step into the future of enterprise memory. Samsung is a pioneer in vertical-NAND, or V-NAND, technology, delivering enterprise grade SSDs based on cost-effective TLC memory longer than anyone else in the industry.

Features of Samsung’s PM1633a 2.5” SAS SSD

  • Enterprise reliability and performance – PM1633a uses a native SAS 3.0 controller
  • Prioritizing, always on firmware – Quality of service (QoS) for sustained random workloads, keeps all virtual machines running quickly and smoothly
  • No moving parts to fail
  • 60% more capacity that today’s highest capacity HHDs – up to 384TB can be stored in a 2U server.
  • Housed in a compact 2.5” 15mm enterprise form factor
  • Drive count consolidation capability
  • Capability to expand storage within existing infrastructure – no costly new facilities required

In addition to these features, the PM1633a also offers enterprise-grade power loss protection. In the event of a power failure, the PM1633a SSD uses stored energy from tantalum capacitors to provide enough time to transfer cached data in DRAM to the flash memory.

For more information about this product please contact the WPGA Memory Team. Download the data sheet.