Smarter Security with Winbond’s Solution for Intelligent Surveillance Systems

By WPG AmericasDecember 26, 2016

In an increasingly complex world, video surveillance is playing a crucial role, serving to expose and solve crimes by providing access to reliable intelligence. The success of video surveillance till this date, promise larger deployment volumes in the future, which will fire the need for more cameras and improved storage technologies for video servers.

Winbond's Advanced Storage Solutions for Next Generation Surveillance Systems

Integrating an advanced memory technology as the primary storage can address many shortcomings faced by the traditional HDD-based video surveillance solutions.

Winbond's DRAM and Flash storage technologies enable dramatically enhanced capacity and sustained throughput while providing higher density and scalability for imaging, audio, embedded modem, and video surveillance applications. This offers improved capacity and throughput leverage of storing video at higher frame rates and resolution, as well as remarkable server consolidation.

Additionally, higher primary storage throughput and capacity enable deployment of fewer more dense servers to sustain an assigned number of cameras.

Key Storage Features of Winbond Memory Technology for Surveillance

Absolutely Scalable Video Surveillance Infrastructure 

Winbond DRAM and flash storage, unlike HDDs, offer linear density and throughput scaling for video surveillance. Enhanced throughput eliminates frame loss and renders the predictable QoS, necessary for security applications.

Stable and Resilient Media 

Winbond Flash storage solutions for surveillance are notably reliable in video server settings as they aren't subjected to the mechanical wear and tear of rotating platters and moving heads. This essentially means lower frame loss.

Improved and Instant Analytics 

Edge to the core analytics is a key aspect of security. Flash-enabled video servers support excellent results with an aggregated data pool, allowing analytics to run directly on the primary storage.

A Cutting-edge Model 

Winbond DRAM and Flash memories ride the semiconductor technology wave, enabling hosting of more cameras on each video server with significant server consolidation and considerably improved TCO.

Technical Specs 





Enable high performance processing

Boot code
Store images



Serial, SLC NAND


1Gb to 4Gb

8Mb to 256Mb NOR
1Gb to 4Gb NAND


1.8V DDR2
1.5V DDR3






-40C to 85C

-40C to 85C


Using Winbond memory solutions as primary storage helps OEMs achieve advanced surveillance quality, throughput, and cost. For more information about Winbond's offerings, please contact a member of the WPGA Memory Solutions Team. 

This article is part 3 of our 8-part Winbond series.