Sharp’s Memory LCD Freezes Bi-Stable Technology in its Tracks

By Mike PecoraroApril 3, 2017

Sharp’s Memory LCD is perfect for compact handhelds, wearables and other small-screen applications. Every pixel’s embedded 1-bit memory makes for an always-on display capable of delivering high-contrast, high-resolution content with ultra-low power consumption.

But what happens to it when those devices are put to the test in cold temperatures? Chris Frank and Todd Stonewall of Sharp demonstrate just that when the Memory LCD goes head-to-head with a bi-stable display in the following video; check it out!

Using a Cold Soak Test, Chris and Todd demonstrated the switching power in cold temperatures using a 2.7” display example. In comparison, the bi-stable display loses contrast and switches much slower than the Sharp Memory LCD.

Available in sizes of approximate 1” to 4.4”, the Sharp Memory LCD is a robust product ideal for your outdoor display applications.

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