Seoul Semi's Acrich MJT - Producing More Efficient and Denser Light Sources

By Roger ElliottDecember 12, 2016

The new Acrich MJT series, introduced by Seoul Semiconductor, packs an unparalleled blend of efficacy, high lumen output, and exceptional reliability in a single package.

Utilizing Seoul Semiconductor's patented Multi-Junction Technology (MJT), the Acrich LED architecture eliminates the use of several wire bonds among multiple dies, vastly improving the package reliability by lessening inherent failures associated with wire bonds.

The high-performance Acrich MJT leverages simple designs with fewer LEDs, leading to smaller and lighter fixtures that enable cost savings on system level. Designers can make use of its high-voltage DC drivers, or run the LEDs directly off AC by applying the Acrich IC.  

Features and Functionalities of Acrich MJT

Acrich MJT series is ideal for outdoor lighting solutions where high efficacy and lifetime are crucial requirements. The package, launched in sizes of 2525, 5630, 3528, 4040 and 6540, is available in a wide variety of voltages (13, 22, 23, 32.5, 64) as well as various power levels (0.25 - 1 watt). Key MJT products and their features include -

MJT 2525 — The compact, high-voltage, mid-power MJT 2525 delivers a typical forward voltage of 22V.  At 3000 Kelvin (K), and a CRI of 80, the package produces an efficacy of 105 lumens per watt (lm/W). Best in its class, the LED offers 5X the lumen density that of any other mid-power package, making it a perfect choice for space-constrained lighting applications.

MJT 3528 - The most high-powered member of Seoul Semiconductor's Acrich family, the 32.5V MJT 3528 LEDs can be shot up to 40 mA. Integrated into a high-power package, this LED generates over 120 lumens at 3000K CCT, and 130 lumens at 5000K CCT, operating at a low power of one Watt.

MJT 4040 - Emitting 165 lumens at 20mA with a Vf of 64 volts, the 4040 Acrich MJT is an excellent device for AC as well as high-voltage DC circuits. MJT 4040 provide illumination designers large form factors and high-voltage options, without compromising the reliability.

MJT 5630 - This robustly built industry package has been integrated with 19V and 22V variants, in order to ensure enhanced efficiency for a broad range of supply sources. Adhering to Energy Star requirements, the MJT 5630 offers brilliant efficacy of 110 lm/watt, with high CRI, ANSI sub-binned CCTs, and LM-80 data.

MJT 6540 - The light-output MJT 6540, optimized to perform in the industrial/commercial linear fluorescent replacement market, delivers 30 lumens at 13V and 20mA drive current. Available in a natural white CCT range (4000K to 6500K), the 6540 is a competitive replacement solution for traditional T5 and T8 luminaries.

"In addition to high efficacy and reliability, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is an important metric for the street and area lighting market. This product will enable the market to come up with the next generation of high quality, efficient and competitively priced LED retrofit lamps,” said Seoul Semiconductor Executive Vice President of Lighting sales division, Jay Kim. “The payback period, especially for streetlights, can be significantly reduced with new Acrich LED without compromising on reliability or efficiency. In the future, Seoul Semiconductor will introduce more products to penetrate the outdoor area lighting market,” Kim added.

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