Semtech Announces New Line of LED Drivers

By WPG AmericasMarch 28, 2017

Semtech, a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for use in computers, communications, portable devices, medical and industrial equipment, offers an extensive product line of LED driver ICs for LCD display backlight applications and LED camera flash. The LED driver portfolio includes charge pump LED drivers and low-dropout current sinks for parallel-connected LEDs, and inductor-based boost LED drivers for series-connected LEDs.

Inductive Boost LED Drivers

Semtech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of inductive LED driver ICs for LCD panel backlights in ruggedized industrial, medical, and automotive applications, portable devices such as notebook PC, PMP, ultrabook, and cellular handsets, white goods sector, and consumer electronic applications like LCD-TV and LCD monitor. 

The inductive boost LED drivers feature industry-leading dimming range, low noise, and a slim footprint. The portfolio includes boost LED drivers for single, and multi-channel series-connected LEDs that ensure excellent efficiency and current regulation.

Charge Pump & Current Sink LED Drivers

Semtech manufactures and supplies a comprehensive line of charge pump and current sink LED driver ICs, designed for industrial and medical small handheld devices, as well as consumer electronic handheld devices such as mobile handsets, tablets, smartphones, personal navigation devices, digital cameras, and media players.

Semtech's charge pump and current sink LED Driver portfolio integrates high-end functionalities that add flexibility to system-level designs in light management units, keypad backlighting, and high-brightness LED camera flash. The charge pump and current sink LED Driver product line supports 8 parallel-connected LEDs, which eliminates the requirement for an inductor.

Features of Semtech’s High Brightness 4-channel LED Driver With Phase-Shifting

All Semtech LED Driver ICs are designed for optimal efficiency and a wide dimming range. Features of Semtech’s LED Driver include:

  • Broad VIN range: 4.5V to 45V
    • Ensures flicker free operation
  • VOUT up to 65V
    • Number of LED strings is minimized by higher voltage
  • Up to 240mA per Channel +/- 2% matching
    • Administers uniform brightness across all LEDs
  • Advanced dimming control
    • Phase shifted operation lowers output voltage ripple
    • PWM dimming up to 50 kHz
    • Decreases output capacitor size
  • Features 10x smaller inductor size
    • Enable ultra-thin displays
  • Optional VSYNC / HSYNC / FSYNC
  • I2C Control / Configuration
  • 6µA Shutdown current
  • Wide protection range (Adj OVP, OCP, UVLO, Open/Short LED)
  • AEC-Q100 qualified solutions
  • Ultra-slim 4x4mm, QFN-24 profile

Prominent Benefits of Semtech’s Phase-Shifting LED Driver Portfolio

  • Restricts false registering of short circuit fault
  • Can be enabled in ultra-thin display panels
  • Reduces EMI, eliminates waterfall effect, and audible noise
  • Smooth dimming profile with no visible steps
  • Integrates I2C interface
  • Low quiescent current

Industrial and Consumer Applications of Semtech's Product Line of High Brightness LED Drivers

These LED drivers can be used in a broad range of display applications in automotive, industrial, and computing. They can be also integrated into a variety of consumer applications with high brightness displays of up to 12.4”.

Semtech’s LED driver product line is available in a wide dimming range, low noise, precise current regulation, and the smallest footprint. The portfolio of LED drivers, optimized for high efficiency, is RoHS compliant, lead and halogen free.

To learn more about Semtech’s LED Portfolio, contact a WPGA Lighting Specialist.