Save with AMC Optics' 100% OEM-Compatible Transceivers

By WPG AmericasApril 16, 2017

AMC Optics, an industry-leading manufacturer of 100% compatible optical transceivers and peripheral products to support your data center’s needs.

Why would you choose AMC Optics’ small form factor, pluggable transceivers over traditional OEM products to support your network? Here are 5 great reasons!

  1. OEM transceivers are too expensive!
  2. OEMs often have very long lead times!
  3. AMC Optics offers a lifetime warranty!
  4. 100% OEM compatibility means equal performance at a lower cost!
  5. Further your budget by adding AMC-compatible transceivers in with OEM originals!

For more than 10 years, AMC Optics has been supplying the highest quality optical transceivers and peripheral products to companies looking to save without compromising functionality in their data centers.

For more information about AMC Optics transceivers and peripherals for your data center, contact a WPG Americas Data Center Specialist today.