Samsung's V-NAND Technology: Building a Whole New Standard of Capacity and Performance

By WPG AmericasDecember 25, 2016

The global explosion of data traffic is pushing the innovative frontiers of NAND flash memory. As currently available 2D planar NAND technology cannot scale the capacity due to its inherent limitations, time had come for newer solutions to be explored and implemented to deal with rapid data influx.

To cater to this growing demand for highly scalable memory solutions, Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced memory technology, announced the mass production of industry's first three-dimensional (3D) Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory.

V-NAND's cutting-edge storage features heighten the current scaling limits of conventional NAND flash technology by as much as 2X.

The new 3D V-NAND is intended for use in a variety of consumer electronics and enterprise applications, including solid state drives (SSDs) and embedded NAND storage.

The Fundamental Architecture of Samsung's V-NAND Memory Technology

3D V-NAND delivers an outstanding density of 128 GB in a single chip by applying the company's proprietary 3D Charge Trap Flash (CTF) technology and the vertical interconnect process technology used to link the 3D cell array.

Samsung's Vertical Interconnect Process Technology stacks as many as 24 cell layers vertically, putting into use the special etching format that electronically connects the layers by punching holes from the highest layer to the lowest.

"The new 3D V-NAND flash technology is the result of our employees' years of efforts to push beyond conventional ways of thinking and pursue much more innovative approaches in overcoming limitations in the design of memory semiconductor technology," stated Jeong-Hyuk Choi, senior vice president, flash product & technology, Samsung Electronics. "Following the world's first mass production of 3D Vertical NAND, we will continue to introduce 3D V-NAND products with improved performance and higher density, which will contribute to further growth of the global memory industry," Choi added.

Samsung's V-NAND Storage Solutions Integrate Improved Problem Solving Capabilities

The cutting-edge V-NAND, powered by Samsung's industry-leading expertise in circuits, designs, and manufacturing process, eliminates crucial performance and reliability issues through its new 3D structure which vertically stacks the planar cell layers.

Based on a revamped three-dimensional CTF architecture, the new Flash memory leverages exceptional reliability and blazing speeds by avoiding interference between the neighboring cells.

Samsung's 3D V-NAND not only exhibits an increase in reliability from a minimum of 2X to a maximum 10X, but also delivers a remarkably faster write performance over the traditional 10nm-class floating gate flash memory.

After nearly 10 years of rigorous research on 3D V-NAND Flash memory, Samsung now has the industry's first fully functional Vertical NAND with more than 300 patent-pending 3D memory technologies worldwide.

3D V-NAND has solidified Samsung's competitiveness in the memory business as well as set the ball in motion for more advanced storage solutions including the one terabit (TB) NAND flash.

According to a report published by IHS iSuppli, the global NAND flash market revenue is anticipated to reach $30.8 billion by the end of 2016, with Samsung's 3D V-NAND flash storage driving the major growth for the entire industry.

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