Samsung's New Product Selection Guide

By WPG AmericasJune 9, 2016

Samsung, a world leader in display technology, memory and storage products, recently released their latest product selection guide. The 27-page guide provides a quick peek into Samsung’s broad portfolio of memory products and display technology. The following are the key product categories featured in the guide:

Memory Solutions

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of memory products. Its extensive memory solution portfolio includes DRAM, flash, mobile and graphics memory that are found in PCs, Ultrabooks, Servers, and in a varied range of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

DRAM (DDR4, DDR3, DDR2) Memory Solutions for PC

Samsung DRAMs are trusted by major OEMs for many years. It offers flexibility to designers, who can choose from an array of latest DRAMs to optimize the efficiency and performance of various products. Samsung DRAMs are energy efficient. It also adds capacity and enhances the performance speed exceptionally.

The DRAM DDR4 is based on Samsung’s cutting-edge technology. As computing gets more critical and demanding, the DDR4 opens up a whole new dimension of high speed, low energy and improved bandwidth, taking PC experience to the next level.

eMCP Memory Solutions for Mobiles and Wearables

Today, the biggest designing challenge is maximizing the efficient use of board space by integrating smallest factor components. Samsung addresses the issue by stacking mobile DRAM on top of eMMC. By combining the two key elements into a compact single package, Samsung developed the MCP technology that reduces the total space requirement for memory by 30-40 percent. Furthermore, it also provides high energy efficiency, which considerably extends the usage time of a smartphone or wearable device.

Storage Solutions

Samsung storage solutions are designed to upgrade performance. The unrivaled product line includes Solid State Drives (SSD), Portable SSD, USB Flash drive and memory cards.

SSD and Portable SSD

Samsung SSDs are designed for speed, endurance, reliability, and efficiency. Built for ultimate performance, the SSDs upgrade every aspect of a computer’s efficiency, by offering class-leading read/write performance and enhanced power management efficiency. The portable SSDs pack power, performance and security in a compact, portable design, where users can safely store data and keep it accessible.

USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards

The newest member in Samsung's’ memory product family is the USB Flash Drive. Built on NAND flash technology, the USB Flash drive offers utmost degree of reliability. Hitting the markets with a 5-proof technology and a 5-year warranty, the flash drive is loaded up with all the quality expected from Samsung, the trusted name for memory.

Memory card

Available in a wide variety ranging from 16GB up to 2TB, the memory cards are ideal for capturing and transferring photos and videos at lightning speed.


For several years Samsung has been a global leader in monitors and display panels, specializing in LCD, LED and OLED. Its latest and the most innovative additions are illustrated in the new Product Selection Guide.


Featured in world’s first dual-edge display (Galaxy S6 edge), the QHD Super AMOLED provides more vivid colors with QHD (2560x1440 pixels) and resolution (577ppi).

Curved Panel Design

Offering highest curvature (3000R) in curved monitors through differentiated VA (Vertical Alignment) technology, Samsung curved displays, due to low reflectance from each side, have a wider field of view than any other flat displays. Thanks to its uniform picture quality, it also enhances focus for playing games and watching movies, when multiple monitors are used.

Flexible Displays

Providing optimized portability with exceptionally thin and light characteristics, Samsung flexible displays are the world’s first curved display for smartphones and smartwatches.

Public Information Display (PID) Specialized Panels

Samsung’s dedicated and customized PID mass production process brings forth the highest quality in its PID panels. The specialized panels are excellent for outdoor viewing displays, extra-large video walls, e-Board, as well as indoor and outdoor Signage. Available in landscape and portrait designs, Samsung’s PID displays has been recognized as the “Display Innovation of the Year” by AV News.

Download the Samsung Product Selection Guide now. If you want to know more about the products featured in this guide, contact your WPGA Americas sales rep.