Research Opportunities: NASA's Optical Communication Systems & NSF's PCRA and DARE Programs

By WPG AmericasMarch 10, 2017

New, innovative technologies are being developed every day. We understand that some of our audience may be interested in learning more about projects and grants to further their research. Here are a few opportunities to explore.

NASA Partnerships for Commercial Optical Communication Systems

NASA is in the preliminary of developing new and innovative technologies in the area of optical communications and is currently calling for proposals from all interested private sector enterprises wishing to enter and develop a Partnership for Commercial Optical Communication Systems (PCOCS).

According to the PCOCS documentation, the objective of the agreement is to “advance private sector development of integrated space communication capabilities so that the emerging products or services are commercially available to government and non-government customers within approximately the next five years.”

For more information, including the documentation and how to apply for the NASA PCOCS Agreement, visit the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Petascale Computing Resource Allocations (PRAC) Program

A new National Science Foundation-funded petascale computing systems called Blue Waters was organized at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

NSF is seeking participants for a project and system development to open new possibilities in science and engineering by “…providing computational capability that makes it possible for investigators to tackle much larger and more complex research challenges across a wide spectrum of domains” using the Blue Waters computing capabilities.

For more information, visit the NSF website.

Disability and Rehabilitation Engineering (DARE)

NSF is also seeking applications for their Disability and Rehabilitation and Engineering, or DARE, program, which “supports fundamental engineering research that will improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities…”. This program looks to develop new technologies, devices or software.

For more information about the DARE program, visit the NSF website.