Reach the Next Level in Your Storage Server with Next-Gen Storage Systems

By WPG AmericasNovember 1, 2016

Conventional HDDs are ill-equipped to handle the constantly growing influx of data. They are grappling with challenges when it comes to storing and processing such massive data streams on a daily basis. Samsung, a global semiconductor powerhouse — by expanding their memory portfolio with state-of-art solutions that push the boundaries of innovation to the next level — is bringing forth new-generation storage systems to overcome these challenges.

Samsung’s latest induction into the memory world, PCIe NVMe enterprise SSDs, offer the best-in-class features that blend improved reliability and accelerated capacities in a slim package designed for data center storage servers requiring 24X7 data access.

Robust, and dynamic, Samsung’s newest SSD offering empowers data centers with extensive memory capacity, higher bandwidth, and improved latency, for executing server applications at much-reduced power consumption and operational costs. The cutting-edge PCIe NVMe enterprise SSDs, optimized for read-intensive data loads and random read/write, leverage the industry's leading In-Memory speed that is practically unrivalled in the storage market space.

Producing a staggering speed of up to 1000K IOPS for random read, and 120K IOPS for random write, PCIe NVMe outpaces the SATA with 10x higher performance. The device renders 99.9% Quality of Service (QoS) for read/write at 500μs, with a latency of 90μs and 25μs for read and write respectively.

In sequential read/write, the SSD excels in delivering premium Quality of Service, allowing for optimized memory speeds of up to 6000 MB/s for sequential read, and 2000 MB/s for sequential write.

On an average, the PCIe NVMe storage solutions can sequentially speed up to 1,400 MB/s for read, and 930 MB/s for write, nearly 500 times better than the traditional HDDs in terms of overall performance.

Samsung SSDs, in comparison to regular HDDs, are 165X faster, processing more than 37,500 concurrent users while drastically lowering the system power consumption by almost 94%.

PCIe NVMe SSD, an optimized memory solution to enhance the performance efficiency of hybrid Database and storage servers, is unmatched in processing queries @ 14.5 times faster than standard HDD modules with 14.3% less energy usage.

Samsung’s industry-driving SSD solutions significantly improve the random read by 600 times, boosting server performance levels from 400 IOPS to 240,000 IOPS, with an upgraded latency of as much as 98.3% to 85 μs.

The high-class PCIe NVMe memory operates at a remarkably low voltage and has no moving parts. Integrated with an advanced NAND design, lower-power PCB, and a controller, it is 2.5 times more energy efficient than its predecessor SATA with minimal heat dissipation.

Samsung registers the world’s highest SSD storage capacity with an industry-leading density of 6,400GB — almost 6.7 times that of the previous generation’s 960GB. The semiconductor leader, with its array of cutting-edge storage solutions, places data centers ahead of the league by optimizing their servers with speed and reliability without compromising data operation performances.

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