Powering Innovation in the Era of Internet of Everything

By Floyd GoodrichApril 30, 2017

From factory automation to transport and logistics, energy distribution to intelligent appliances, smart homes, offices, and cities — today IoT isn’t just limited to ‘things’; rather, it is rapidly expanding its boundaries to encompass ‘everything’ and every aspect of our daily lives. The waves of IoT-enabled devices, applications, and automation is triggering the dawn of a new era — the Internet of Everything — the next level in connected technology. 

As IoT reaches maturity, there will be close to 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2025 — all collecting, processing, analyzing and storing the evolving data coming from various ports, transmitting them to the cloud for faster application development and analytics-driven real-time insights.

However, the connected revolution is much more than just sensors and devices. To support the connected world, there will be a need for high-caliber networks and data centers that can be scaled and optimized to handle the massive inrush of IoT traffic coming from an exponentially growing number of connected devices spread worldwide. High volumes of IoT traffic is also driving the need for advanced memory and storage solutions, which is an enabler for speedy processing of big data applications. 

Micron, a global manufacturer of superior memory products, has been at the forefront of these trends. Creating opportunities to manage this data explosion by integrating the industry's broadest portfolio of high-density memory solutions. Micron enables top-class reliability and high-performance in data-driven IoT applications.

"It's an amazing time to be an embedded products and solutions company. This is an age of innovation where everything is becoming smarter, exchanging real-time information about users, environment and physical infrastructure and assets, leading to new products and business models," said Jeff Bader, vice president of Micron's Embedded Business. "The new additions to our embedded portfolio continue to bring our customer high performance and reliability in a wide range of form factors, enabling them to choose the memory technology that best meets their IoT application requirements." 

Key Features and Benefits of Micron’s Innovative Memory and Storage Solution for the IoT

Micron, with an industry experience of more than 35 years, has developed an in-depth understanding of memory requirements in IoT ecosystems. Working in collaboration with the global technology leader can eliminate memory complexities in critical IoT applications through cutting-edge storage solutions that are specifically designed for the Internet of Everything.

Broadest Portfolio of NAND and NOR Plus RAM MCPs (multi-chip Packages) for M2M Applications

Micron offers high-class MCP solutions in a variety of industry-leading densities, form factors, and technologies. The MCPs, designed for applications in extreme-temperature, rugged, and mission-critical environments, provide exceptional design reliability that supports long-life and extended durability of embedded designs.

Micron’s Automotive SSDs - Driving Innovations for the Connected Car

Micron is the first company to introduce AEC-Q100-compliant, automotive-grade Solid State Drive (SSD) integrated with NAND flash memory components. The SSDs leverage best-in-class security features, faster system response, and speedy loading of applications enabled by cutting-edge technologies like hardware-based encryption, adaptive thermal monitoring, and data protection against unexpected power shutdown.

Why Chose Micron Memory Solutions for Your IoT Applications?

  • Broad Portfolio: Micron has the industry’s broadest portfolio of high-quality memory products, perfectly designed to suit the challenging demands of rugged IoT applications.
  • Leading Technological Expertise: Micron, over the years, has redefined memory and storage architectures with state-of-the-art R&D, disruptive technologies, and industry-leading innovations. Micron memory products are rigorously tested for reliability and efficiency in demanding, mission-critical applications to ensure fault-free performances.
  • Complete Lifecycle Solutions: Customer-centric approach like Product Longevity Program aligns Micron memory with your device lifecycle through standard and extended lifecycle support, which ensures longer device life and augmented application.
  • Technical Collaboration: Micron actively collaborates with global partners to enable strategic platforms for the development of innovative memory solutions that optimize design efforts and accelerate the time to market.

Micron Technology, uniquely positioned at the center of the connected world, has a proven track record of serving a wide range of IoT verticals with industry-leading memory solutions that are backed by years of experience, innovative leadership, and unmatched Micron expertise.

The global storage leader, committed to innovation, will continue to dominate the industry with futuristic memory solutions designed for the next generation of connected technologies — the Internet of Everything.