Powerbox's OBS01 Series: Where Medical Power Supplies Combine With High Safety Standards

By Rob GrayJuly 11, 2016

Powerbox recently introduced its latest Medline series, the OBS01 range of power supplies for BF (Body Floating) medical applications. The new series, specifically designed with patient and operator safety in mind, complies with the latest EMI coexistence standard IEC 60601-1-2:2014 (4th edition). The OBS01 is available in seven different voltages from 24 to 48V, delivering an output power of 1100W (1250W peak), with an efficiency up to 89%.

Design Excellence of the OBS01 Renders Ultimate Patient and Operator Protection

To guarantee safe operation of the OBS01 in controlled and non-controlled radio environments, Powerbox made the device pass through all immunity tests including the ESD 15kV air and 8kV contact,  in addition to the compliance of exposition to radio signals as per the 4th edition of Magnetic Immunity (IEC 61000-4-8) 30A/m.

Furthermore, to achieve “no-interference and radio coexistence”, the design layout of OBS01 is optimized to meet EN55011:2009 and CISPR 11:2011 Class B conducted and radiated. The Class B performance shortens the time-to-market of the device, making OBS01 ready to use in radio frequency sensitive environments without requiring any external components.

Expressing views on the safety standards offered by OBS01, Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing Director, mentioned - “Powering those applications with a high level of safety and immunity to radio interferences have required power designers to reconsider the way medical power supplies are designed to meet IEC 60601-1-2:2014, creating a lot of new ways to manage and reduce EMI.”

Distinct Operational Features that Make OBS01 a Market Leader

As compared to conventional technology output of 1KW, the new technology incorporated in OBS01 delivers an industry-leading operational power of 1100W up to 1250W peak during 10 seconds under specified conditions. The device, at operational power (1100W) and 230 VAC input, has a striking efficiency up to 89%.

OBS01 series comes in seven output voltages:  24V / 45.84A (peak 52.10) ; 28V / 39.29A (44.65A) ; 32V / 34.38A (39.07A) ; 34V / 32.35A (36.77A) ; 36V / 30.56A (34.73A) ; 42V / 26.20A (29.77A) and 48V / 22.92A (26.10A).

The cutting edge device with an unmatched input-to-output isolation of 4000 VAC (2xMOPP), an input to ground of 1500 VAC (1xMOPP) and a 1500 VAC (1xMOPP) output-to-ground, also includes key features like overvoltage and overcurrent protections, thermal shutdown and standard PS OFF and DC OK signals.

“The OBS01 is the result of two years of R&D and technical innovations bringing to our customers a power supply which has the highest power density on the market, the lowest EMI, while keeping the leakage current below 300µA, which requires state-of-the-art technology” says Martin Fredmark, VP – Product Management.

Packaging and Compliance of Safety standards

The OBS01 series is packed in a six sided shielded metal case, with dimensions of 150x235x61mm and weight of 2.89 kg. There are two fans on the rear panel of the device, enabled with speed control for guaranteed optimized cooling.

Powerbox OBS01 series is compliant with RoHS requirements and international safety standards. The popular 24V output OBS01046C is available from stock, and other voltage variants on request.