Powerbox Unveils High-Reliability Power Solution for Subsea Applications

By Rob GrayJuly 4, 2017

Powerbox — a leading power supply company, optimizing power solutions for nearly four decades — has announced the launch of PRBX VB410-380, a new technology platform for demanding industrial applications that require high performance, resilience, and reliability in rugged environments.

PRBX VB410-380 has been designed to provide top-class solutions for subsea oil and gas monitoring and control applications through an AC or DC high voltage line feeder. The newly introduced power unit delivers an output of 48V DC and integrates cutting-edge features like a primary module, a secondary stage, and a complete set of communications and interfaces.

Demanding industrial applications such as oil and gas monitoring systems placed on the seabed are connected to long distance transmission cables that require reliable and precise power solutions. These applications are usually powered from the shore via an AC or DC high voltage line with a voltage range of 300 to 900VAC, or 400 to 1500VDC. PRBX VB410-380 offers high-grade solutions to these critical 24/7 sub-sea applications with no downtime and practically zero maintenance.

The leading-edge PRBX VB410-380 is configured with an operating temperature range of -25 to +80 degrees C, which makes the power module ideal for deployment in extreme conditions such as subsea applications. The device guarantees maximal isolation between the low-voltage output and high-voltage input, with adequate physical isolation between the components to allow tight integration.

“Delivering power to extreme applications such as subsea ones is always a challenge for designers. But in developing standardized, easily reusable sub-systems such as the VB410-380 we have shortened the design cycle and time-to-market for our customers,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox’s Chief Marketing, and Communication Officer. “Expanding sales opportunities, its design philosophy makes it eminently suitable for other applications such as the chemical industry and in highly restricted areas where human intervention is both complicated and risky.”

Powerbox's new launch, PRBX VB410-380, integrates advanced switching topology to leverage an energy efficiency of over 85%, close to 10% higher than similar products from the previous generation. The unit's best-in-class design layout is optimized to conduct heat from the dissipative components to the cold plate, thus adding reliability by reducing the chances of internal hot spots.

The primary PRBX VB410 module includes top of the line features, such as an active Power Factor Corrector (PFC) and an RS-232 communication bus, which facilitate network managers to supervise the power module. The power unit, in addition, incorporates an ‘inrush current free topology’ that reduces component stress by intelligently regulating the current surge on the main line.

The secondary PRBX VB380 integrates four autonomous output modules, each of them delivering 95W (48V / 2A). The outputs have independent current limiting capabilities and are integrated with a digital controller that helps in monitoring the current and voltage through a CAN-Bus. The CAN-Bus can be also used for diagnostic and predictive activities, for instance, enabling or disabling the power module as and when required.

Powerbox’s PRBX VB410-380 complies with all safety norms, EMI, and other necessary regulations that are relevant to industrial systems. 

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