Powerbox Releases Power Modules Designed for Industrial Automotive Applications in Extreme Environments

By Rob GrayApril 18, 2017

Powerbox, one of the largest power supply companies optimizing power solutions for nearly four decades, recently announced the release of a 400W DC/DC converter for industrial automotive applications in harsh, extreme environments.

The 400W DC/DC converter, introduced as ENA400-M, is packaged in a high-quality aluminium enclosure integrated with built-in heatsink and heat conductive polyurethane for improved thermal dissipation.

Powerbox’s latest 400W DC/DC converter, designed to use free air convection cooling, is certified for IP67 operations in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 degrees C. The industry-leading power module for industrial automotive applications incorporates a cutting-edge thermal design optimized for 24V (18 to 32V) and 48V (35 to 65V) industrial bus voltages.

ENA400-M, which leverages a power efficiency of 95%, is ideal for industrial automotive applications in timber and construction industries, agricultural machinery, mining, and other infrastructures that demand ruggedized DC/DC power supplies capable of withstanding high vibration, dusty and humid environments with no or little ventilation.

The new ENA400-M power modules save battery life with an input current of less than 1 mA in standby mode and a no-load current below 30 mA. The series includes all round protection features such as over-voltage, under-voltage, and reverse-voltage protection, critical for industrial automotive applications in extreme conditions.

“Industrial automotive manufacturers require energy efficient power supplies that are able to guarantee full operation in harsh environments yet are easy to use” says Martin Fredmark, Powerbox’s VP Product Management. “The ENA400-M series is part of PRBX’s ‘one package to fit all’ program developed with our customers that simplifies inventory management and reducing Time-to-Market.”

The Powerbox ENA400-M product line is available in two standardized output voltages, 12.5V (32A) and 24.5V (16A), both having an output power of 400W. The integrated technology protects the power modules from short circuits through a constant-current limitation circuitry that makes the modules ready to go only when a high output load returns back to normal settings.

The unique circuitry ensures high performance and non-stop operation of the DC/DC converter by enabling the device to get back to normal as soon as faults like current-inrush at start up or other erroneous behavior subsides.

Powerbox’s cutting edge ENA400-M series, developed with thermal-drains and low ESR MOSFET technology, also incorporates the ‘back-flip assembling’, a state of the art manufacturing process that enhances cooling capacity in tight, low ventilation industrial automotive applications.

The ENA400-M DC/DC converter line, optimized to increase performance efficiencies, durability and reliability in extreme environments, includes a galvanic isolation level of 500VDC input to output and an excellent thermal architecture suitable for ruggedized automotive applications.

Powerbox’s new industrial automotive line product range meets the 2kV surge test level, as well as conforms to ISO7637-2, the EN55022B conducted and radiated, EN12895, and immunity standard EN61000 (relevant chapters). The latest ENA400-M power modules, packed in a small form factor of 150 x 93 x 31 mm, are RoHS II and REACH compliant.

For more information on the Powebox ENA400-M, please contact a WPGA Power Specialist.