Powerbox Released New Battery Backup Unit System for Railway Networks and Industrial Applications

By Rob GrayOctober 20, 2017

Powerbox — the global power supply company specializing in power solutions for nearly four decades —recently introduced its second-generation Battery Backup Unit System (BBU-S), supporting the modernization of critical railway networks and industrial applications that require a flexible power backup system.

The BBU-S, with an industry standard 19-inch rack unit and sub-modules, has been specifically designed to cater a wide range of applications that are subjected to harsh outdoor environments. 

Powerbox's BBU-S incorporates a micro-controlled smart charging, an automatic battery test, an active power factor corrected input, output distribution, and an array of monitoring and control signals.

The BBU-S, developed for remote monitoring and control, presents various options like radio communications module (GSM, 3G, LTE) and LAN interface, which can be reconfigured to meet unique demands as required by different applications.

The versatile BBU-S, designed for speedy deployment in complex railway and industrial applications, integrates superior capabilities to charge and control a variety of battery pack configurations. The backup units are available from 340W, up to 1200W, in AC or DC input voltage. 

Powerbox's BBU-S enables rapid modification of a wide variety of products so that they can be easily tweaked to meet the demands of diverse applications, including, adaptive voltage and power to accommodate the number of installed systems in the signalling network and the length of the track.

The cutting-edge BBU-S has been created keeping in mind the mandatory provisions and requirements of demanding railway and industrial applications, where components installed in a critical system should have the flexibility of quick replacement and maintenance.

The BBU-S, developed on an array of plug-and-play modules, can be easily installed, repaired, maintained, and finally decommissioned, typically within a few minutes. This makes the system ideal for challenging industrial and railway applications.

“Railway modernization programs are now integrating digital control and additional safety functionalities that require a new generation of equipment for signalling, one that includes monitoring and independent battery backup. Most, if not all modernization programs will require it necessary to maintain and upgrade existing systems without any traffic disruption. This demands a high degree of flexibility in the power solution deployed at the trackside.” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer.”

PRBX BBU-S, designed to leverage exceptional flexibility, delivers smart power solutions to critical systems with adjustable configurations that can accommodate multiple bus-voltages ranging from 24VDC to 120VDC.

The AC input system functions within 185 VAC to 253 VAC, but due to the BBU-S’s plug-and-play modules and modular design layout, the input is capable of complying with both AC and DC voltage over a wide voltage range.

Powerbox's BBU-S is robustly built in two 3U 19-inch racks, comprising of power supplies, charger and control unit on the top rack, battery switches, inverter block, and alarm switches in the bottom.

The BBU-S is RoHS compliant, and it meets all required regulations and industry standards including EN60950, UL 60950, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61000-3-2, EN50125-3, EN 50124-4, LVD.

For more information about Powerbox's Battery Backup Unit System, please contact a WPG Americas Power Specialist.