Powerbox Launches High-Performance Power Supplies to Support Industry 4.0

By Rob GraySeptember 20, 2016

Powerbox recently launched its new product series of four power supplies, targeted to support the emerging needs of Industry 4.0 applications.

An addition to the family of Powerbox Industrial Line, the new product range, comprising of OBM33, OBM35, OBP37, and OBP38, is based on advanced power switching technologies such as LLC, synchronous rectification, active PFC, low leakage current, and energy optimization.

The new generation power supplies, developed to sustain the specific demands of Industry 4.0, have been integrated with capabilities that meet the regional line voltages while operating in unstable power grids. The series, designed and optimized for enhanced performance, has already emerged as a leading player for applications deployed in Industry 4.0.

Technical Specifications and Product Features of the newly Introduced Power Supplies

Applications deployed in the Industry 4.0 demand power supplies that meet high isolation voltages. Keeping that in mind, Powerbox has developed OBM33, OBM35, OBP37, and OBP38, guaranteed to provide end users improved system performance with no power disruption. Perfectly suited for next generation Industry 4.0 applications, the launch includes more than 28 models that blend dynamic topology and optimized layout to ensure better EMI performance.

The new Powerbox product line taps in input voltages in the range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC, and line frequency of 47Hz to 63Hz, while delivering single output voltages of 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 30V, 36V and 48V within a power range of 80W to 400W. The series can endure 3000 VAC (4000 VAC for the OBM33) input to output, 1500 VAC input to ground, and 500 VAC output to ground.

The newly introduced portfolio sets a new benchmark, restricting the maximum current leakage below 275 μA, four times lower than the standard industry average. Created to render designers with safety margins at 264 VAC and 63 Hz, the units meet and exceed EN55022B radiated and conducted Class B.

Designed to support Industry 4.0 environments, the OBM33, OBM35, OBP37, and OBP38, permit surges of ±1KV differential, 2KV common; magnetic field immunity of 1A/m, conducted immunity 3Vrms ; fast transient/burst 1KV ; ESD ±8KV air and 4KV contact.

The latest series can be operated from -10°C to +70°C, where 75% of the maximum power is available without any extra cooling. With the help of additional forced air cooling, product performances can be jacked up to 100% power at 50°C. Subsequently, a slender power derating will allow operation up to 70°C. Based on the MIL-HDBK-217F calculation method, at full load and 25°C ambient, the MTBF of OBM33, OBM35, OBP37, and OBP38, can reach up to 300,000 hours.

“Internet of Things is everywhere and Industry 4.0 happening faster than expected. In that environment, business continuation and energy saving is a must, requiring power supplies designed to meet demanding and complex requirements” says Martin Fredmark, VP Product Management at Powerbox. “The new series include a number of technical innovations contributing to reduce power consumption and to offer a high degree of flexibility to systems architects.”

Designed to minimize environmental impact, the new product line introduced by Powerbox comply with the latest RoHS requirements, meeting all other necessary safety standards.

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