Powerbox Announces Second Generation Power Supplies for Marine Applications and Demanding Industrial Systems

By Rob GrayNovember 28, 2017

Powerbox — a global power supply company optimizing power solutions for nearly four decades — has introduced a new, second generation of power supplies, the PT578. The product is designed for demanding industrial systems and Marine applications.

Acknowledging the increasing demand from marine equipment makers, Powerbox developed the PT578 with cutting-edge integrations like paralleling circuitry, built-in redundancy, and programmed digital protection to decrease energy consumption and simplify logistics.

The 500W PT578 has an operating temperature range of -25°C to +70°C, and a typical efficiency of 94 percent. The industry-leading power supply unit, incorporating the best-in-class technologies, is shielded against corrosion and humidity, making it ideal for demanding industrial systems and Marine applications that have high shock and vibration levels.

The Powerbox PT578 offers an unprecedented blend of mechanical and electrical performance, integrating the most recent power technologies specific to the Marine Industry. The industrial-grade power unit, designed for convection cooling, is well suited for immersed computing designs that require power supplies to operate safely within neutral fluid containers.

To ensure high performance and the highest level of safety, immersed computing systems and marine power architectures often need redundant power sources. To guarantee this, numerous power supplies are usually linked in parallel, connected to each other by external ORing diodes modules.

To facilitate ease of utilization and installation, the PT578 has been designed with built-in circuitry, which enables the user to choose between “Single Mode” or “Parallel mode with droop current sharing.” This curtails the space used in the power rack, as well as reduces the abundance of products to maintain in inventory.

The Powerbox PT578 operates with a DC Bus voltage of 125 VDC to 375 VDC, and wide AC input voltages of 90 VAC to 265 VAC. The input AC frequency of the power unit is of 47-63Hz, and for naval airborne, it is 440Hz with reduced PFC. Covering a variety of Marine applications, from sea to air, the PT578 is specialized in operating up to 10.000 feet, and up to 30.000 feet in non-operating mode.

The PT578, created to meet international Marine requirements, has an isolation of 2000 VAC Input to Chassis and 3000 VAC Input to Output. The product adheres to vibration specified in the DNV-GL table 7 High vibration strain, class B, ±1.6mm displacement, 2-25 Hz, 4g; 25-100 Hz (1 octave/min). Guarded by a conformal coating, the robust power supply unit works efficiently in harsh conditions and humid environment of up to 100%, complying with IEC 60947-2 2kV, 60s.

The Powerbox PT578, applying high-density integration building practice, is housed in a slim 132 x 67 x 128 mm cassette-box, which makes the power unit one of the most compact 500W power supply in its class. This preserves vital space in the power shelf to accommodate more functions per rail.

The PT578 also complies and meets with the related chapters of EMC Emissions EN 60945 conducted & radiated, EN61000-3 and -4, Conducted LF IEC 60533 3 VRMS, 50Hz-12kHz, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and DNV-GL Temperature class D, -25 – +55°C;  Humidity class B, up to 100%, condensing; Vibration class B, ±1.6mm displacement, 2-25 Hz, 4g; 25-100 Hz; EMC Class B, CLASS GUIDELINE, DNVGL-CG-0339, Edition November 2015.

For more details about Powerbox’s PT578 power supplies, contact Rob Gray, Director of Power Solutions for WPG Americas.