Powerbox Announces Four New Series of Extra-Wide Input DC/DC Converters for Railway & Transportation Applications

By Rob GrayMay 22, 2018

Powerbox, leading provider of power solutions for demanding applications, announces the release of four new series of extra-wide input DC/DC converters specific for railway and transportation applications.

With a 13:1 input voltage range of 12V to 160V, the MAD33 (8W), MAD32 (10W), MAE35 (15W) and MAF35 (20W) have been developed to provide systems designers with a single part number that is able to power a large range of transportation industry applications.

With not many 13:1 input DC/DC converters on the market, and with most customers using two different part numbers to cover the input voltage range, Powerbox’s new MAD-MAE-MAF series offers a solution in a single part number.

MAD-MAE-MAF Series Key Features

  • Designed to meet railways specifications EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN61373 and EN45545
  • Designed to meet ISO7637-2 for 24V vehicles and EN12895 for industrial trucks and other industrial applications such as robotics
  • Full power output power in ambient temps up to 60 degrees C
  • Deliver power with linear derating up to 100 degrees C case
  • Plastic housing
  • Output isolation voltage of3,000 VAC
  • Meet thermal shock and vibration requirements as specified in EN61373 and MIL-STD-810F
  • Meet Fire and Smoke EN45545-2 standard
  • Typical efficiency rating of 86%
  • RoHS compliant

This efficiency rating is an outstanding figure, considering the extra-wide 13:1 input range.

System designers are increasingly facing challenging situations, being asked to develop products to operate in many different applications powered by a large range of voltages. In the simplest since, versatility is the name of the game.

With operating input range from 12V to 160V and a power input range from 8W to 20W, the new MAD-MAE-MAF series of DC/DC converters from Powerbox are the “Swiss army knife” power solution, offering simplifying design while shortening time to market and reducing documentation and inventory.

Application Areas

  • Railway applications
    • Communication devices
    • GSM-R phones and docking stations
    • Routers/WiFI access points
    • Small screens
    • USB charging sockets (in-seat and driver’s cabin)
    • Sensors
    • Standby power for larger devices

Powerbox’s MAD33 (8W), MAD32 (10W), MAE35 (15W) and MAF35 (20W) complement the PQB50U-72S (50W) and PFB600W-110S (600W), offering a complete range of power modules solutions, from 8W up to 600W, to railway applications and demanding industries.

For more information about the new series of DC/DC converters from Powerbox, contact WPG America’s Director of Power Solutions, Rob Gray.