Powerbox Adds Two New DC/DC Converter Modules to 5,000+ Models Lineup

By Rob GrayOctober 17, 2016

Powerbox, a leading force for four decades in optimizing power solutions for demanding industry applications, has introduced two new board mounted DC/DC converters to power industrial and railway applications: the PQB50U-72S and PFB600W-110S.


The extra wide input PQB50U-72S delivers 50W in quarter brick packaging, bringing simplicity to power designers addressing EN50155 applications. To guarantee board power designers the highest level of flexibility, the PQB50U-72S was developed to deliver full and stable power within an extended input voltage range of 14V up to 160V.

Available in four output voltages (5V/6A ; 12V/4.2A ; 24V/2.1A and 48V/1.05A), the PQB50U-72S sustains 200V/100ms surge input voltage and includes short circuit and over-voltage protection.

  • Aluminum baseplate allows for mounting to heatsink, cold-wall or chassis
  • 86% efficiency
  • Isolation voltage of 3,000VDC (min)
  • Guarantees full output performance, simplifying design for systems architects

The PQB50U-72S meets UL60950-1-2nd edition basic insulation and meets the EN50155 (EN61373) shock and vibration standard.


The full-brick packaging of the PFB600W-110S delivers the industry’s first 600W unit within a 4:1 input voltage range of 43V to 160V, able to accommodate 72V, 96V and 110V bus voltages. Designed and optimized for railway 110V systems, the PFB600W-110S can be operated from 43V up to 160V and it able to sustain 180V/100ms surge voltage.

The PFB600W-110S is available in four output voltages (12V/50A, 24V/25A, 28V/21.4A and 48V/12.5A) with output power up to 600W.

  • Full regulated
  • Fixed switching frequency of 250 KHz
  • Includes PI type input filter to reduce input and noise
  • Current limiting, continuous short-circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown with automatic recovery
  • Can be used in parallel
  • 89% efficiency

The PFB600W-110S complies with the UL60950-1-2nd edition (basic isolation) and complied with EN50155 (EN61373) shock and vibration standard and environmental EN50155 (EN60068-2-1).

Both PQB50U-72S and PFB600W-110S products have operating temperatures from -40C to +100C case temperature, allowing them to match the demanding and ruggedized requirements found in construction vehicles, mining equipment and heavy machinery process control. The PQB50U-72S and PFB600W-110S meet CE Mark 2004/108/EC requirements. The new products compliment the range of Powerbox DC/DC converters modules, of which there are over 5,000 models.

For more information about Powerbox's PQB50U-72S and PFB600W-110S products, contact WPGA Power Specialist Rob Gray.