Opulent North America: Bringing Innovative Products for the LED Lighting Industry

By WPG AmericasOctober 25, 2016

Opulent North America, powered by Cree's XHP Series of LED modules, now brings for lighting manufacturers products that can drastically lessen the cost and dimension of their lighting systems by applying smaller modules with fewer LEDs to produce the same brightness.

The high-performance XHP Series of LED modules, collaborated by Opulent North America and Cree LED, leverage unique benefits for both developers and customers. Built on Cree's industry-leading 'Extreme High Power SC5 LED Technology', the series guarantees twice the lumen output with enhanced reliability while facilitating up to 40% reduced system cost.

Some remarkable advantages that Opulent North America brings forth with their Cree co-branded products include -

  • 360-degree support for the XHP Series of LED modules through Cree LED's direct sales team and trade shows
  • Enhanced design flexibility for developing standard and custom LED modules at various performance and price points
  • Seamless integration of Cree's latest technology updates in the XHP Series
  • Spontaneous development and marketability of co-branded products
  • Complete engineering and sales support for 'Cree-branded' modules from Opulent North America's global facilities
  • Easy access to technical insights and product information on the XHP Series of LED modules through Cree's official website
  • Custom designs and rapid prototyping options for integrating changes to standard products
  • Custom builds at scale
  • Attractive and competitive pricing

New Product Offering and Modules from Opulent North America and Cree LED

The latest XHP Series of LED modules from Opulent, available in three variants, the XHP35, XHP50, and XHP70, help simplify and shorten the design cycle for a variety of lighting configurations. The LEDs versatile building blocks render superb design flexibility in an array of applications like high & low bay, outdoor, and architectural lighting. Rigorously tested for improved performance, Opulent's 'off-the-shelf' configurations smoothly integrate Cree's cutting-edge LED technology into any lighting design, shortening the time-to-market.

Significant Features and Benefits of XHP35, XHP50, and XHP70 LED Modules

Opulent North America's standard and custom LED modules embrace the power of Cree's leading LED technology to deliver unmatched lumen output, high reliability, and exceptional flexibility under stressful and challenging situations. Headlining benefits of the new XHP series of LED modules include -

  • Lesser footprint due to smaller modules and fewer LEDs
  • Faster designing with standard modules, heat sinks, and thermal interface
  • Easy up-gradation of existing platforms with advanced technological edge
  • Superior performance guaranteed by standard thermal interface integrated into all LED modules
  • Notable reduction in system size, overall system cost, and design time

Key Technical Specifications of Opulent North America's Latest XHP Series of LED Modules

  • Incorporates the revolutionary Cree SC5 Technology
  • Exceptional L90 & L70 lifetimes, even in high-stress situations
  • Excellent Metal Core PCB for optimal thermal dissipation
  • Easily configurable LED modules with off-the-shelf optics, thermal interfaces & heatsinks
  • Facilitates private label branding

Primary Applications of XHP35, XHP50, and XHP70 LED modules

  • Architectural
  • High bay & low bay
  • Outdoor
  • Streetlighting
  • Stadium and auditorium lighting.

Opulent-NA.com provides a comprehensive guideline about the XHP Series of LED modules, now available from WPG Americas a authorized distributor. An LEDIL compatibility list has also been made available on demand.

For more information on products from Opulent North America, contact WPGA team.