Optocouplers Market Expected to Reach USD $3.22 billion by 2021

By WPG AmericasMay 28, 2016

Principle Operation Pattern

An optocoupler is used in the circuit of an electronic equipment. All sophisticated electronic products these days, carry an optocoupler. Also referred to as optoisolator, the device allows two circuits to exchange signals, while remaining electrically isolated. In particular, the only contact between the input and the output is a beam of light. The device uses the light of a LED to relay the signal. The light then shines on the transistor in the IC, when the signal is applied to it.

Market Growth

The increasing demand for printing and imaging devices is one major reason that’s fuelling the significant demand for high performance optocouplers. Also, the growing need for high speed and high temperature optocouplers in other sectors like communication, industrial and automotive is making the market increasingly positive in the global market.

Another factor accelerating the market growth is the rise of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). To safeguard their users, the HEVs require a varied range optocoupler applications in their powertrain, and charging units. Innovative isolation modules, such as hermetically sealed components (airtight), as found in Isocom’s product portfolio, is also being widely used in applications pertaining to aerospace, military and navy.

The global optocouplers market, can be categorically divided into seven application segments: automotive, printer & imaging device, signage, communication, commercial, and industrial. In terms of revenue generation, the industrial sector was the highest contributing segment in 2014, accounting for 37.95% of the market share. However, in recent times, there has been a paradigm shift, largely due to the robust growth in other segments like communication, networking and automobiles, in the APAC region.

Huge requirement of optocouplers in the automotive sector and industrial applications, in evolving markets like India and China, are currently the key revenue drivers of the optocoupler market. Taking into account the recent global trends and the statistical representation of the expected CAGR in hand, the market is set to hit USD 3.22 billion during the forecast period of 2015 to 2021.