Optimal IoT Memory by Winbond

By WPG AmericasJuly 30, 2017

Business-critical IoT devices of today require a flash product that goes past the existing benchmark of typical consumer gear, leveraging design flexibility in extremely challenging environments. Understandably, the essentials of storage standards are being pushed by unprecedented characteristics like easy integration, sleek packaging size, low power, and high-density interface. How will the industry respond?

IoT, as expected, will need to incorporate solid and stable storage systems to process and store data securely. That’s where Winbond’s DRAM and Flash memory solutions come in.

Winbond, Redefining the Storage Benchmark for IoT

Winbond’s product line of DRAMs and Flash memory were developed to meet the demanding specifications of IoT-driven applications. Winbond memory chips:

·       Can write more data

·       Are tested for reliability and endurance for next-gen smart wearables and IoT-powered devices

·       Integrate optimum write speeds in its storage devices

·       Are densely packed with memory cells to lessen the cost per bit by almost 50 percent!

·       Help prevent data loss with enhanced power immunity in a power loss

Flexible and scalable, the wide range of DRAMs and Flash Memory from Winbond, deliver stable storage solutions that address the key IoT issues like executing an application software, storing boot code, or logging the system data.

Designed to perform in the most challenging space requirements, Winbond's low power DRAM and Flash memory are by far the ideal choice for futuristic IoT-enabled devices.

The IoT product line, integrating an incredibly small form factor, low to high densities, and low power, is assuredly a smart option for OEMs and designers. Find more information about Winbond’s DRAM and Flash offerings, visit our website and contact a WPGA Memory Specialist today.